Why Corinthians’ loss to América-MG was a wake-up call for the team

Brazil’s G4 soccer rivalry has left Corinthians in the dust.

Corinthians did not qualify to play in the Copa America Tournaments. The Brazilian soccer federation CBF is preparing a schedule that was not able to be met. Corinthians could not participate in the top division. Corinthians is not able to win matches against the best Brazilian teams.

Corinthians has a difficult time winning games

The G4 soccer competition, Corinthians has only won only two games in 13 matches since the start of the year 2018. This includes a win at home against Santos with a score of 2-1 on the 16th, 2018 as well as the loss away against Botafogo with a score of 2-0 on the 4th of November, 2018. Brazilian media blames the problems due to a myriad of reasons that include coach Guilherme Deschamps inconsistency with his playstyle and inexperience with technical skills.

G4, Brazil’s soccer rival, G4, has left Corinthians in the dust.

Corinthians have never managed to get past their Copa America qualifying stage in the past. The struggles they have faced in the Brazil G4 soccer competition is a direct result of this. The team has been through different stages, but they haven’t been successful in winning any games. Similar to the way they did during Copa America. They have only won one match out of fourteen played so far this season and are currently 8th in the standings.Corinthians has not been able to compete with Brazil’s top teamsAlthough they are still ranking 25th in the world, Corinthians’ lack of competitiveness is starting to show on their home turf. The team has not been able to perform in the face of top Brazilian teams. Corinthians has not been able to compete with Brazil’s top teams. Their FIFA World Rankings is 60. They were defeated by Paraguay by a score of 2-1 in their Copa America quarterfinals. This was their final chance.


Corinthians could not compete alongside Brazil’s top soccer teams which is why they were excluded from participating at Copa America tournaments. The team has struggled to keep up against other teams, and have fallen behind the other teams in terms of rankings. If they want to stay at the top of their game, Corinthians must continue doing their best.