How to use technology to help students succeed academically

The most renowned provider of academic support, today announced a series of upgrades as well as enhancements to its leading-of-the-line Educational Support System (ESS). Every user will have access to the latest features. Millions of students use the Paper platform in just in time for the beginning of the school term. In the past few months, Paper worked with students and various stakeholder focus groups to understand how to improve the quality of its ESS and to find more effective ways to connect with students today as well as their preferred methods for interaction and learning.

Cutler who is Paper’s co-founder as well as CEO, said that “Our team is committed to constantly innovating to create an exciting and productive platform for students to frequently use for guidance with their academics while making preparations for life and job.” Paper’s ESS is more accessible and fun for students that will boost their confidence and student outcomes. Paper Math allows students to visualize and gamify math learning. It helps simplify math challenges into easy concepts.

Students of all ages can use Paper Math to increase their understanding of math and self-confidence. Paper Math stimulates the right brain as well as encourages discovery by providing an interactive and engaging platform. Paper Live Bridge the gap between fun and learning with Paper Live’s weekly extracurricular classes presented live by some of the most engaging instructors on the internet. Explore the realm of the universe or find to escape from an escape room that’s virtual. Whatever their interests, students are able to explore their passions and enjoy themselves with Paper Live.

For all Paper students, We’re excited to announce our new accessible classes for walk-ins that help students of any age love the process of learning. Paper Live will help address the systemic injustices by offering an entertaining, educational after-school activity at no cost to parents. Students will receive unlimited comments from our asynchronous Review Center on all submissions. The students can write much beyond traditional essays by using the new upgrade for our Essay Review service. Lab reports, assignments essays, brief answers, bibliographies, and all lab papers are all acceptable! This tool can help students to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality education.

The Review Center can review almost all kinds of creative and science-based work, from brief narratives, to poems and lab reports, through research papers, as well as pre-lab assignments. Students will not get anything written by their teachers or receive answers. Review Center provides rapid feedback about nearly all writing assignments. If your paper is accepted to college, Admissions Stress is Reduced Even for the most talented students going on to the next stage of your journey can daunting. Although college is not an option for everyone, it could still be daunting to get in. Paper Accepted will be there to aid you.

Students applying to paper are invited to Paper Accepted, where they can receive feedback on their application and essays from admissions experts. Paper Accepted is a cost-prohibitive option previously for students who were selected. However, it ensures each student gets the chance to get into college. Teachers, students at high school and parents alike can utilize Paper Hired to find the most lucrative job, regardless of whether that’s their first one as an intern, a job, or a promotion.


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