Nebraska football seeking consecutive wins against Helton, Ga Southern

What the Huskers rebounded from losing by one point against LSU.In the LSU game that the Huskers could recover from a one-point loss. Southern Methodist went on the offensive and scored 58 point, putting them over the top with the closing seconds in the contest. Austin Toombs was named the offensive MVP in this game.

The Huskers Offense is Back.

The Huskers are playing better offense than ever. The Huskers’ quarterback Tommy Armstrong is playing the most spectacular football of his career, and the offensive line appears to have shown great potential. Demarco Murray, a junior running back has been averaging over 100 yards in a game. The offense looks to be among the best in the nation for the coming season.

The Offensive Line is playing more than ever before

Subsection 2.2 The offensive line is Playing Stronger than ever.The offensive line is strong throughout the entire season, and is continuing to improve. Ethan Pocic, right tackle as well as Austin Reiter (left guard) have shown great form this year. They’ve provided stability to an offensive line that’s seen a decline in recent times. When Armstrong was not available, backup quarterback Collin Klein performed admirably. He completed 68% of his passes and scored 7 touchdowns, with no interceptions. This line will continue to perform at an elite level throughout Southern Miss’ upcoming game against Iowa State on Saturday night.

The Running Game is playing better than it has ever

Junior Demarcus Murray (running back) leads the way for the offensive rushing with more than 100 yards per match, while junior Tariq Sims offers good depth at tailback. This offensive line could help the Huskers beat many opponents this next season, if they are able to improve on their previous performance.

Southern Methodist’s defense is playing more than Ever.

Southern Methodist is playing more comfortably and effectively than before. This team plays more confidently and steadily than it has ever. The Mustangs were able to hold Georgia Southern and Southwestern Illinois to one goal in their last two games. They also registered the score of three touchdowns, five interceptions with zero turnovers. This kind of performance isn’t possible without an experienced coaching staff and lineup.


The Huskers Offense is back and playing better than ever. Its Running Game is also playing more efficiently than ever. The defensive line is performing stronger than ever before. This will help the team bounce back from a 1-point loss against LSU. Southern Methodist’s Defense has been playing better than they have ever played and will keep doing so throughout coming matches. Overall, the Huskers offense is back ready to take on every opponent.