The time of the Ohio vs Kent State football game today

Bleacher Report Ohio State vs Kent State Football Playoff History offers current and historical information regarding the Ohio State vs. Kent State football playoff outcomes. Bleacher ReportOhio, Bleacher ReportKent State each offer predictions online for the upcoming college football match.

Ohio against Kent State football Playoff Odds and History.

1. Ohio is a good bet to winning against Kent State during the NCAA football playoffs. The teams have played three times, with Ohio taking two of the three. The 2015 match saw Ohio defeated Ohio 38-10.

The Ohio Kent State Football Playoff.

In a number of occasions in the past, teams from the Ohio State Buckeyes has faced with the Kent State Golden Flashes in an NFL playoff game. Urban Meyer is the current Buckeyes head coach, and they’ve won three games they played against the Golden Flashes. The Buckeyes defeated the Golden Flashes during the November 16 game. Barrett throwing 4 touchdown passes. Ezekiel Elliott, the running back, recorded 2 touchdowns and 146 yards. It was the first victory against Kent State since 1978. It’s been difficult to determine the winner of each team over the last few years. Bleacher Reports cannot make predictions regarding this game. Both the Buckeyes (and their counterparts, the Wildcats) have enjoyed remarkable victories. It is likely to see them clash during the playoff game between Ohio State and Kentucky. match. The odds are not actual facts. Be sure to conduct research before making any big decision. Kent State has lost six of the seven times it played against the Buckeyes previously. The two teams played in College Football Playoff matches, that both concluded with overtime. The game in 2016’s Rose Bowl Game saw Ohio State beat Stanford with a score of 44-35 in order to advance to the National Championship against Alabama. Kessler returned to the field and was the main player in the Buckeyes in their victory over Clemson in the semifinals of the national championship game, 14-13. Kessler was injured on January 1, 2017. He sustained an injury to his ankle in the first week of January and was off for 6 months. The Ohio State defensive lineman Michael Bennett replaced Kessler at the center. Bennett led Ohio State to their second College Football Playoff Championship Game within three years. In 1937 they met in the 1937 NCAA football playoffs. Buckeyes defeated Kent State Wildcats at Columbus 44-10. Six additional Buckeyes wins over Kent State would follow, including a win of 42-14 in the following match. In 1945 Ohio State won the match. Ohio State Buckeyes defeated Kent State 38-7, 46-0 1949-3 in the year 1949. The 10th of December, 1949, the final game of the season 1951 was played when Ohio State and Kent State play each other. The Wildcats were victorious in that game by scoring touchdowns on both the defense and the ball, however, they were unable to over come back from a 14-point deficit. After a touchdown scored by Kenmore Wright, Ohio State won the game 41-19. In 1948 they played in the 1948 playoff game, when the Buckeyes defeated Ohio by 28-6. In the year 1960, Ohio defeated the Buckeyes 31-7. The Buckeyes beat against the Wildcats during 1964. The result set the stage for the match in 1978. The Buckeyes suffered a disappointing season , and finished with a 4-8 record. But they were able to defeat the number 5 Michigan State in the Rose Bowl with a score of 59-9. They would not be able to make the Cotton Bowl Classic again until the year 1990, when they fell 34-27 to Syracuse. Kent State won three consecutive games from 1992 to 1994, but they had to go into the playoffs after a loss of 1-5. The team won in 1998 an upset of 41-17 over number two Florida State. This helped the team to win the fifth consecutive bowl game.


The odds are in favor that are in place of Ohio State Buckeyes or Kent State Wildcats getting to the playoffs for football:

Ohio State Buckeyes – 13.5 point over spread

Kent State Wildcats: 10 points more than the spread