Highlights from last year’s Kansas State Fair entertainment lineup

A Brief History of the Kansas State Fair.

It is the Kansas State Fair is the biggest fair in the United States and one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Kansas. Fairgrounds for the fair are located in Lawrence, KS and are hosts to numerous things to do and exhibits. The fairgrounds were created to serve as an agricultural and cultural display in 1876.

What are the features that are part of the Kansas State Fair

There are many attractions at events at the Kansas State Fair include: live music performances carnival rides, agricultural exhibitions including duck hunting events, auto races, an art exhibition and pet show.The People and Events that helped make the Kansas State Fair a Famous Event.Many celebrities went to the Kansas State Fair over the years, including Abraham Lincoln and Jay Z. The most significant instances in Kansas State Fair history were:

Kansas’s first primary election

The Big 12 Championship game between Kansas and Oklahoma

-The first year of Billy Graham’s crusade to preach at the fair of the state.

How do I become a member of the Kansas State Fair Community.

For you to be part of for membership in Kansas State Fair community, you first need to register for membership. It is low and offers all the advantages of belonging to the fairgrounds team. Find out more about being a part of the fairgrounds staff on the website or through various marketing channels.What are some of the ways to create it a memorable experience at the Kansas State Fair a fun and enjoyable experience for everyoneSome great ways to enjoy enjoying the Kansas State Fair are by taking part in the many fair’s activities such as watching live performances by local bands, taking part in the educational activities, and eating out at participating restaurants. There’s no doubt that there’s something to everyone’s taste at this year’s Kansas State Fair!


Kansas State Fair, a very well-known and renowned event that takes place in Kansas every year. It is renowned for its various events, like food, displays and live music. You should join the crowd and have fun at the fair. Joining local associations as well as participating in numerous fun activities, you can assure yourself of having the best time attending this important event.