Uncovering New Horizons: Examining the Impact

Ms. Cherri Lakey, co-founder of the Anno Domini gallery never met Mr. Zack Luchetti, an artist and educator who was born in Oakland and trained under the tutelage of illustrator Barron Storey at San Jose State. His work was so captivating that the artist and his co-founder, Mr. Brian Eder, decided to create a tribute exhibition in honor of him as part of the South First Fridays art walk in downtown San Jose. However, Luchetti will not be able to attend the event. The death of his colon cancer at the age of while residing in Murphys, where he had taught for a while.

This year, Anno Domini held a retrospective of work by Storey dating to his “golden years” as well as Cathy Luchetti, Zack’s mother was present due to her son’s admiration for his teacher. After arriving she inquired whether the gallery at S. First St. would be interested in exhibiting her son’s art. Lakey stated that “Typically when it comes to artwork, it’s not always the right fit. But this was incredible work.” Lakey remarked that Zack’s distinct perspective on nature and humanity along with his work with the BART Station, as well as other places make his work distinct from other.

The performance was truly distinguished. This show was named for an image of Luchetti who is a primary teacher who enlightens the wolves with a lightbulb. This symbolises Luchetti’s efforts to educate his students. His other vivid works draw similarities with the works of Pablo Picasso, surrealist Salvador Dali as well as muralist Diego Rivera, and even underground cartoonist R. Crumb; however the amalgamation of these artists is different from the point of view of Luchetti. Lakey claimed that they’re “amazingly complex.” His work is layered with layers of significance. These were the pieces that really stirred my spirit.

South First Fridays Art Walk is a monthly festival that is held at various locations between 5 to 6 pm. The event has grown into Fountain Alley, Martha Gardens, and the SoFA District. An up-to-date listing of this week’s events, as well as a downloadable map, can be located on the website www.southfirstfridays.com. The highlights of this week’s festivities include the opening reception for Me Earth, an exhibit of Tuan Tran, a Vietnamese-American artist who incorporates found objects to create his artwork, located at Chopsticks Alley. Also, there’ll be an exhibition at the Asian Fusion Art Collective, that is situated at S. Second St.

Last chance to visit “Pertencer:To Belong” in the MACLA gallery is Thursday, March 31. The exhibition offers a range of pieces from more than local artists and can be previewed in greater detail at www.workssanjose.org. Also, Open San Jose will host a fashion showcase featuring the designs from one of its tenants at : p.m. The show will be held as a prelude to the March community art auction.

Bank of America cardholders should be cautious in the event of possible wet weather. As it’s the first day of the month, they’ll gain entry for free to different cultural spaces like those at the Computer History Museum, San Jose Museum of Art and Tech Interactive. This is thanks to “Museums about Us”. This weekend also marks the presence of artworks not normally available to the public, with Pilar Aguero-Esparza, Rayos Magos, Kristina Micotti Hector Munoz-Guzman Wallace-Gonzales and Jennifer White-Johnson notably represented.

We all can benefit from one another.

The exhibit of artwork “Pertencer To Belong” at the MACLA gallery is in its final days. It will give local artists from around the San Jose area a chance to showcase their works. Also, Open San Jose will host a fashion showcase by one of its tenants. This and the fashion show will give attendees a chance to explore their creative talents within this San Jose community. With just a few days remaining for this show everyone should be thinking about the amazing opportunities available before its scheduled closure on the 25th of March, 2021.