Photos: Top 5 Plays from the Eagles 38-35 Win Over the Lions

Eagles Offense Was On Point.

Nick Foles, Eagles quarterback was looking at his receivers and made massive plays on the field. The Lions defensive line was able to only come up with a handful sacks, but offensive line was able to hold its own. Wide receiver DeSean Johnson had an excellent game, putting his 199-yard total on just 11 receptions and two touchdowns. Run-back LeSean McCoy also made some important contributions by rushing for 125 yards on 14 carries, and scoring a touchdown.

Lions Defense was Good

Lions defense were in a position to stop Eagles the running backs McCoy, Jackson and kept their distance to just 112 yards on 26 total carries. Lineman defensive Ezekiel Ansah played an impressive gamewith six tackles and one sack on the day. linebackers Darian Stewart as well as Lavonte David both had a good game as they threw a few hits while forcing two turnovers within the first quarter alone.

Eagles Defense was Good

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams had an intercepted throw late in the 1st half , which gave Philadelphia the lead early, which set the stage throughout the game. safeties Bradley Fletcher and Malcolm Jenkins both had key interceptions in the contest. In the end, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was able to keep his team well-organized to stay ahead of Lions offensive lines throughout the game.

Eagles Offense was Strong Enough to Win.

In spite of being restricted to only 38 points, the Eagles’ offense managed to hold the Lions defence at bay. Running was strong and included an Tyron Smith touchdown and a Carson Wentz’s debut pass completion of 25 of 31 for 269 yards. The defense allowed only one sack to the line of offensive this night. It allowed Wentz to settle into a motion and hit some great throws, including a beautiful pass from 59 yards out to Zach Ertz that set up Smith’s touchdown running. This play is a hint of the future for Wentz He has displayed some flashes of brilliance. However, he requires a lot of work.

Lions Defense was on Point

They kept an Eagles offense scoreless the whole entire. In the end, Lions defense did an excellent job of defending the Eagles. They did not allow any lengthy runs or touchdown passes and prevented the Eagles from scoring quickly. They were particularly adept at stopping Philadelphia’s running attack in its tracks and preventing it from moving through the defense. It also led to mistakes on numerous occasions leading to Philadelphia’s final score of 35 points.

Lions Offense Was Good enough to Win

This was another good performance of the Eli Manning-led offensive which was able to complete 50% of their passes , resulting in 278 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions, while achieving just 1:8 yards per run (which is slightly lower than their regular season average). This showed that even if they have some issues in preseason matches, Manning can still lead his team to victory with his precise passing play.The Eagles offense scored 38-35 points in the match against the Lions Defense. Its quarterback Carson Wentz led the way. He was able to throw for 295 yards with two touchdowns during this game, on twelve of his 24 passes. The offensive line was very efficient and did not exert much pressure upon Wentz. Linebacker Mychal Kendricks, also played a role in the game, with a fumble recovery and interception in the fourth quarter. Also, the Lions Defense was also successful in stopping the Eagles Offense. They held the team to just 171 yards over 44 carries (3.6 yards per run) and one touchdown from 18 of the 35 passes. The defense was able to allow Wentz to only throw for one touchdown on 10-of-24 passes, which is good news for Philadelphia fans hoping to see more output from their starting quarterback.

Lions Defense Was Good Enough to Win.

Defense of the Lions was strong enough to overcome the Eagles. The Lions offense had the potential to win because they scored 27 points on the field and 14 points via passing.The Eagles offense was good enough to beat they Lions defense. quarterback Carson Wentz was able to guide the team to an 38-35 victory, scoring the score of 157 yards, with three touchdowns through 34 plays. Torrey Smith as well as Alshon Jeffery, wide receivers were awe-inspiring in their performances. They each accounted for over 100 yards receiving. Offensive linemen were also solid, allowing just one sack all game. The inclusion of running backs Saquon Barley is sure to make the Eagles offensive game even better. Philadelphia appears poised to enjoy another fantastic season, with Barkley as well as Wentz maintaining their progress.

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Eagles Offense performed well enough to win in the Super Bowl, while Lions defense was strong enough to take home the NFC Championship. Be sure to diversify your portfolios and keep current on the latest financial news so that you can prepare for potential volatility. The Eagles offense achieved 45 points and defeated the Detroit Lions defence that was capable of winning the NFC Championship.