John Stockton’s place in the history of pickup basketball.

John Stockton will be retiring after a long , successful career as a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, as also a short time in Utah. Olynyk put the aging legend’s abilities and tactics to great use. Olinic who was once a Gonzaga player, has profited by a fresh start at the Jazz. Stockton played for a while in the league but was always looking for a new spot. Utah is the place Stockton has finally discovered.


Stockton is a 10 times NBA All-Star and a member of the All-Time NBA team celebrating the 50th anniversary of the league. He is almost every Sunday in the same circle of individuals. Here he receives his education.


John Stockton continues to play with Kelly Olynyk, Kelly Olynyk as well as other professionals at Spokane Sunday Night Pickup. Spokane Saturday Night Pickup game. Both of them have been in the NBA in the past, and Stockton is now one of the more well-known and well-respected athletes across the West Coast. Stockton is a passionate fan of the sport, and often drops by the pick-up games to cheer his teammates.


John Stockton, who is in his mid-50s, still is a great player of pickup basketball. Stockton runs Spokane’s gym and plays every Sunday Pickup basketball games there. The event is private where participants are chosen through invitation only. Stockton was a regular performer with Kelly Olynyk.


John Stockton was a former NBA player. The two have played together during Sunday mornings in Spokane, Washington, where they compete to 7 fullcourts, with the winner staying in the court. Olynyk, a versatile point guard has been an All-American and WCC Participant-of-the-Year at Gonzaga University. He was selected as the 13th player from the NBA draft for the Boston Celtics.


Giannis Antetokounmpo has been the Milwaukee Bucks’ best player for nine straight seasons. He’s a twice-time league MVP and was in 2021, the NBA Finals MVP. He defeated Kareem AbdulJabbar’s franchise scoring record in the month of March. He is the most important player in the history of the franchiseboth individually as well as collectively.


John Stockton, 60 years old, continues to dominate the court. Stockton was recently seen during a Spokane Basketball game that was a pickup. Kelly Olynyk invited Stockton to play in the game. He was noted by his shooting ability at the outside.