Nashville Predators Re-Sign with Bally Sports South

Predators announce a new media rights contract together with Bally Sports South. This is going to make Bally Sports South the sole licensed partner of Predators Hockey South Africa. The agreement is applicable to all Predators hockey games in the future, including this season. The agreement also includes a portion of the profits of NHL matches in South Africa. How the New Media Rights Agreement Impacts Predators Hockey. Bally Sports South will become the sole rights holder of Predators Hockey. This means that all home games played by the Predators will begin to be telecast in South Africa. This contract also provides an agreement for two years that grants Bally Sports South exclusive rights to air all Predators games at home. It is a sign of faith by management in being confident that they can succeed in South Africa and be successful for their team.

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Predators Hockey will now have exclusive rights to show every home game that take place in South Africa. Predators Hockey now has exclusive rights to broadcast the entire home schedule in South Africa. The move should provide significant positive financial benefits. Anyone interested in investing in the stock must follow a long-term investing strategy set up, prepare to deal with volatility and keep informed about financial developments.