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When you hear Ursula and hear the word “ursula,” you’re bound to imagine the sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. But the character has far more to offer than a villain. This is just one of the things you may not have known about the character.

As you can probably tell from her name, Ursula is the Latin girl’s name. Ursula means “little she bear” and is the diminutive of the Latin word ursa.

Ursula was originally Ursula was the first Christian princess living in England in the 4th century. She was thought to be the sibling of King Triton. Her murder was committed by the Huns from Cologne. Her plan was also to be married to an outside ruler.

Ariel chose to be human instead of mermaid in the end. Ursula was among the Disney’s most beloved characters after the film’s release.

Even though it’s not one of the first Disney film with the half-octopus as a character, Ursula is still the most famous Disney villain to possess connections with the character. To many of the fans, this is an important detail worth considering.


Los Angeles Dodgers are the most adored teams in American football. They’ve existed for over a century. This version of the team is far from their glory days. For one, the team is mired in an unimaginable 0-3 run within the West which has resulted in an average of 70-72. It’s not a problem the Dodgers will be able to fix. One of the highlights on this dark team is a young Southpaw who is dubbed Uriasz. Uriasz is making a strong beginning to his debut season, despite a modest debut. He is actually the first player with team start and is certainly the top bullpen player.

In contrast to the team’s perpetually ineffective player, Urias is actually a fan favorite. Urias is among the most versatile team members. Apart from the impressive display in the rotation, Urias is also the epitome of a team player. He was plagued by a shoulder injury that forced him out of most of the year.


It’s no secret that Urmazd is the most attractive name around, however the feisty has a dearth of rivals. The look of Facebook’s user base shows that only the unicorn is one who’s dominating the market. What is the most popular social media site? This gives Urmazd the opportunity to be noticed! It’s a bit of a cliché, so it’s going to take some effort However, the results are worthwhile. One of the best features is the presence of the aforementioned megafun family, as well as an impressive internet infrastructure. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that Urmazd is one of the most popular names to preserve and it’s been wonderful year to date!

Usnavi de la Vega

In the Heights is a musical that centers around Usnavi de Vega, the owner of a bodega. His family lives within Washington Heights, New York. He was fostered by his mother, who immigrated to Cuba after her return from Cuba around 1943. He now works at the bodega.

Sonny is his cousin and operates in the Bodega. They’re very close. Benny is their most trusted friend. However, Sonny is having a tough time.

Usnavi’s cousin Sonny has a crush on Nina. Benny strives to display the strength of true love even though her father isn’t happy. Both of them stay the night at Benny’s home.

Abuela Claudia, who is a loving mother of the barrios can be described as Abuela Claudia. Her assistance to Usnavi has continued after the death of his parents. She’s thoughtful and smart. She would like to aid Usnavi return in the Dominican Republic. She plans to gift Usnavi a third the lottery winnings.

Usnavi de la Vega owns a corner bodega. The community he lives in serves in the role of an ambassador.