The different ways world leaders will remember Queen Elizabeth

Introduction: Today we remember Queen Elizabeth II today. She was an amazing queen and a great leader who was greatly loved. Here’s a pic of world leaders in politics, in a moment of respect for her in London in her memory.

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Her death was the last British monarch.

The closing of an era witnessed by the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Prince Charles, her son Prince Charles succeeded her.

How to Get Ready for the Queen’s Funeral.

It’s always a difficult day in the event that a great and beloved queen goes to be taken to be laid to rest. But prior to the day she dies, it could be hard to make arrangements. Here are some tips for ensuring your well-being:Wear your black gown: Black clothes are usually an appropriate way to show gratitude to the Queen and the rest of her family. It is a symbol of support and grief for the Queen. The aftermath can be skipped of the service, which can last for several days, should you need to eat or drink. Be careful not to be engaged in too much partying – and especially drinking alcohol – until after the funeral is done.

What to do after the Death of Queen Elizabeth

On the 6th of April the Queen’s funeral will take place in St. Paul’s Cathedral. There will be a service which will be followed by a burial for all the people within the Tower Hill Cemetery. Later that day, international leaders who attended her funeral will attend an assembly held in London to discuss how to improve the situation of and the United Kingdom.


This is Queen Elizabeth’s last day in life. Be sure to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral if you’re visiting London prior to heading out for the aftermath of the funeral. Even if you’re not in London there are still things to do in preparation for the funeral. In order to show your support for the queen and her loved people, dress in the black attire. Avoid alcohol and make sure you eat well-balanced foods. Don’t go out after the funeral ceremony as there will be heavy drinking during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession. Finally, make sure that you have an understanding of what’s going on behind closed doors . Also, remain informed on the latest news and updates when you are visiting London.