Illinois sees slight increases in unemployment, payroll jobs

Why the Illinois unemployment rate is falling

The Illinois unemployment rate fell to 1 percent during June, down from 3 percent in May , due to the recession. The drop in Illinois’s unemployment rate could be due to various economic aspects. Its economic strength, for example, has helped keep unemployment at a low level.

What is the Illinois Unemployment Rate.

The Illinois Unemployment Rate is 1 Percent.

What are your State of Illinois Unemployment Rates.

The state of Illinois unemployment rates are less than that of the national average. In June of 2018, Illinois the unemployment rate was 1.1%, which was lower than the national average of 3 percent as of May 2018.


The Illinois unemployment rate is decreasing due to the Recession and the strength of the economy, and other economic factors. Even though the unemployment rate in the state is less than the nation, they are significantly higher than an average. This indicates that there are more people urgently in need of jobs than ever before.