How the partnership will benefit the electronics industry

We’re thrilled to announce we’ll have a partnership with Mouser to produce more help to an international take customers. Mouser is among the leading manufacturers of electronic parts and generally are focused on customer support. They'll certainly be able to enhance customer support across the globe via this alliance. SBT300x items include patent-pending active-control system that automatically detects AC subvoltage and overvoltage. This technique is developed to produce clients with all the most useful amount of security against energy surges. We're confident that this alliance will allow us to supply an improved customer service to clients across the world.

1. What does Mouser do and who it?

Mouser Electronics is a number one electronic component distributor , providing designers a variety of semiconductors, interconnects, electromechanical, and passives. Mouser Electronics’ website includes up-to date details sheets and product descriptions. It assists engineers utilizing the design of these projects. 2. What is SiliconBrite? SiliconBrite is a small business that creates LED lighting solutions is well-known for its experience. SiliconBrite’s LED lighting solutions can be utilized to serve a number of uses, like automotive illumination, commercial lighting, commercial illumination. 3. What’s the partnership with SiliconBrite Electronics, and Mouser Electronics? Mouser Electronics and SiliconBrite have actually partnered making it possible for the LED products of SiliconBrite to be sold by Mouser.

2. What are the benefits that come from working in partnership Mouser?

The partnership of SiliconBrite along side Mouser Electronics provides numerous benefits for both companies. Mouser gets use of SiliconBrite’s modern items and technology. This can enable the company to grow their client base along with broaden their selection of offerings. For SiliconBrite the partnership can offer the organization with Mouser’s substantial distribution and marketing abilities, that may allow them to achieve more customers and sell more services and products. Both companies can gain through the partnership, and it's also both a win-win situation. The partnership will assist you to grow their business and achieve industry.

3. What’s the SBT300x household and just what does it do?

SiliconBrite has created the SBT300x series of products to boost the performance of electronic gadgets. The SBT300x group of items include the SBT300x1, SBT300x2, and SBT300x3. These products are designed to interact to increase the effectiveness of electronics by reducing the total amount of electricity they normally use. The SBT300x1 is an energy administration IC which assists improve the effectiveness of electronic devices by reducing the ability they eat. Its SBT300x2 voltage regulator assists in enhancing the efficiency of devices by reducing energy usage.

Fast Overview

SiliconBrite Technologies and Mouser Electronics are now collaborating to give you a new array of semiconductors. This alliance will enhance efficiency and increase productivity in the industry of electronics components.