A look inside the Royal Vault at Windsor Castle where The Queen will be buried

History of Crown Jewels: The Queens Vault is situated at Windsor Castle. It’s located in the castle, and is home to the Crown Jewels that date back to various periods of British time. The Queen was crowned in 1453 and was presented with the first crown jewels. The Crown Jewels have been stored in the vault ever since.

What is The Windsor Castle’s Queens Vault Do?

Windsor Castle’s Queens Vault functions exactly the same as every treasure room. The vault of the queen at Windsor castle is comprised of three main areas: the armory, where the crowns , as well as other jewelry are stored; the coroners’ chapel where the priests conduct religious services as well as the courtaulds galleries, where the jewelry is displayed to the general public. The majority of crown Jewels that are inside the Queen’s vault are silver coins from 1911 that were donated to the King George V in order to enhance the royal style. Additionally, there are 1847 gold jewels and coins in the collection.

How do you get into The Queens Vault in Windsor Castle

Two different entrances take you to the vault of the Queen, located in the heart of Windsor Castle. The first entry point on the castle’s first floorright beside the Keep. The second entrance via into the tunnel. The swords, coins, and rings are stored in descending order. The first are the rings, then followed by swords and coins. After that, the jewelry. Since they tend to be smaller than other objects the swords must be kept at the end.

What is the safest way to use the Queens Vault at Windsor Castle

Queens Vault, Windsor Castle’s location for the United Kingdom’s crown jewels , is the location where they’re kept. It is comprised of a number of rooms, including rooms like the Treasury Room and Lord Chamberlain’s Room. Two vaults house the Crown Jewels: the Queen’s Vault as well as the Duke of Edinburgh’s vault. The Queen’s Vault is to be located on the 1st floor of the north wing of Windsor Castle. The second floor is there is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Vault is located within Windsor Castle’s south-facing. The Vault of the Duke of Edinburgh is situated on the second level in Windsor Castle. Prior to placing them in the oven, cover the pieces with corrosion-proof.


Queens Vault, Windsor Castle’s historical museum for Crown jewels. It houses some of the most valuable jewelry in the world, like those of the Diamond as well as the Crown Jewels that were part of the Queen’s Coronation in 1952. The public is invited to tour the Queens Vault when they enter. The ability of the Queens Vault to safely store and protect crown jewels is among the most distinctive features. The visitors can also get rid of any crown jewels they discover within the vault. This intriguing tale will make you appreciate the significance of crown jewels for royalty from all over the world.