Best books for fourth grade students to read during summer break

. You can add “Shuri: A Black Panther Novel” by Nic Stone to your book for fourth grade list. This story takes readers on an adventure with Shuri, the older sister to T’Challa (aka the Black Panther). . “The Bears on Hemlock Mountain” by Alice Dalgliesh is a quick enjoyable historical novel of a boy who discovers that, contrary what he has been told there are bears at Hemlock Mountain. . “Mananaland” from Pam Munoz is a delightful tale that takes readers to a land of enchantment.

A gorgeously written and written fantasy book, “Mananaland” by the author”Esperanza Rising” author “Esperanza Rising”, is sure to delight your fourth graders.

Never forget the story of Matilda The Trunchbull, and Miss Honey. It’s an absolute delight reading aloud or for pupils to explore the story to themselves. Purchase it now: Matilda at Amazon . Weird Little Robots by Caroline Crimi When two girls with a keen interest in science make a whole robot world and don’t anticipate the robots to be alive. It could be that they discover that the world is more exciting than what they imagined. Buy it: Weird Little Robots at Amazon .

A classic tale about one girl who isn’t black and has affirming messages about friendship, family and identity. “The Little Mermaid”, a timeless tale, is great for children. Matt de La Pena’s “Love” is an engaging title that will make fourth graders think about difficult issues. “Bringing Back the Wolves: The Story of a Predator’s Reconstruction of an Ecosystem” written by Jude Isabella is a great book for those who are interested in understanding what happens when wolves get brought back into the ecosystem.

Buy “Bringing Wolves Back” at Amazon to understand the importance of relationships between ecosystems with this engaging real-world adventure. Amazon also has books “Two Truths and a Lie” that will help bring memorable research discussions as well as enjoyable. This innovative series asks readers to differentiate fact from fiction in short portions that make great classroom discussions. You can purchase”Pumpkin Fall Mysteries “Pumpkin the Falls Mysteries” by Heather Vogel Frederick to follow the journey of Truly Lovejoy an adorable young girl whose family has moved from Texas to a tiny town in New Hampshire.

Truly assumes the role of the century-old family bookstore located in New Hampshire. She is forced to search for clues found in old books. Amazon offers several of the Pumpkin Falls Mystery book. Pax is written by Sara Pennypacker is on the National Book Award Longlist. The heartbreaking tale explores the growing relationship of the fox and a boy. Amazon offers Pax. Zetta Elliott’s series Dragons in a Bag is an urban fantasy that is young.

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The “Two Truths and a Lie Series” is a fantastic option if you’re looking for books that are educational and fun to use in your class. If you want to follow the story of a little girl, who is moving to a different town, check out”Pumpkin Fall Mysteries. “Pumpkin Falls Mysteries” series. If you’re looking forward to understanding the relationships in an ecological system, “Bringing Back the Wolves” should be read.