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Santa Clara County Executive announced Thursday that he would resign, which ended an almost a full year working in the public sector. Smith was appointed on the job in 2003 and is a leader for the county through a variety of challenges that included recovering from the financial crises in addition to assisting the county in providing services in response to the growing number of people, as well as ensuring the safety of hospitals that are in need as a result of the COVID-pandemic. Santa Clara County stated that Smith’s achievements over almost a decade will help residents and workers for many years.

Smith said that he has an immense trust in our county employees and feels proud to have been a part of the team. “It is a privilege to be a part of the community with our , county employees and county employees, who help to hold the fabric of society.” Smith’s term as executive led the county through an unprecedented economic boom and increasing demands from county employees. Smith was named county executive in the year 2005, with a budget of $. billion. Now it’s $.

Smith was the lead manager for county employees and service departments. The office was transformed by Smith into goal-driven, cross-boundary workplaces. It said this approach made the county an authority in providing services, employee learning, and innovation. Former County supervisor Ken Yeager praised Smith for looking to change county’s leadership representative of the larger community by employing diverse department heads and higher-ranking officials.

Santa Clara County saw significant improvements in the social sphere under Smith’s direction. Santa Clara County was the first county to establish an LGBTQ-specific department. On April 1, Children’s Advocacy Center marked its first year of operation as an effective national agency for aiding victims of child abuse. Smith obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Southern California and was in the past the chief medical official at Contra Costa County Health Services, used his expertise in guiding the county through the COVID-pandemic.

It was an extremely difficult situation and I’m thankful Dr. Smith’s determination. His experience in public service and healthcare is extremely valuable. Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor said that Dr. Smith’s passion for public service as well as the incredible work he has done for the community is apparent. It’s an attitude which I couldn’t be more in agreement with. Even though the pandemic posed several issues, Smith is a remarkable leader. Smith is an outstanding and a great leader.

Smith has led the nation in implementing Smith led the nation in implementing American Care Act, increasing investments in low-income housing as well as ending “redevelopment agencies” which have been taking funds from schools and security net programs. In June, after The Mercury News revealed that Santa Clara County had given the book at a price that was high for a government history commission to the spouse of a former South Bay politician, Smith stated that”I’m “shocked” but “very worried.

In summary

Thanks thank you, Dr. Smith, for your guidance during this challenging time. Your knowledge and expertise in healthcare administration is invaluable. Supervising Susan Ellenberg said, “Public service is clearly a major demand that Smith. Smith and his work in our community has been amazing.” I couldn’t be more in agreement. While the pandemic brought many obstacles however, Dr. Smith is an outstanding and a great leader.