The Nobel Peace Prize and its possible impact on the war in Ukraine

This is the phone message that everybody dreams to receive at some time or another point in their lives. You will hear the Swedish Academy of Sciences calling you to inform you that you have been awarded the Nobel Prize. In the case of American physicist John Clauser, who was named the Nobel because of his work in quantum mechanics, it came off different. It is 9am GMT (Singapore time), the Nobel Peace Prize winner will be declared in Oslo. This announcement comes against the backdrop of Russia’s occupation and invasion of Ukraine and has thrown Europe into the most acute crisis since World War II. With the rest of the disciplines made public in Stockholm Oslo, the Peace Prize is Oslo’s only Nobel.

Quick Summary

…. could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in this next year’s Nobel Peace Prize? We will only know what the final outcome will be in the event of the Nobel Peace Award this year. It is possible about the possibility that it will go to those who criticize Vladimir Putin, climate activists or maybe none at all in the conflict in Ukraine.