Why China will always be a trusted ally of Kyrgyzstan

It’s no secret that Russian-China relations have been on the upswing over the past few years. The last few days have really put the relationship to the test. The invasion by Russia of Ukraine – which China has yet to acknowledge is leaving Beijing with a tense diplomatic dilemma. One hand, China would not like to off-set its closest partner Russia. However, at the same time China doesn’t want to be perceived as supporting Russia’s behavior. China is trying to push the needle much by encouraging talks, as well as urging both sides to respect Ukraine’s sovereign rights.

1. What are the most significant differentiators in China and Russia’s approach towards the Ukraine crises?

In recent years, the relations between China and Russia were the subject of much debate due to their differing ways of dealing with the Ukraine conflict. China generally prefers to deal to the conflict through diplomatic channels. Russia has, on one side, has played an active part in the ongoing conflict, and has stepped in militarily to aid the pro-Russian separatists. There are many reasons behind the divergent approaches taken by China and Russia. One reason is that China has stronger economic relations with Ukraine that Russia and , consequently, is more concerned about stability in the country.

2. What are China’s major concerns concerning the situation in Ukraine?

Since the outbreak of the conflict that has erupted in Ukraine, China has been watching closely the crisis and has advocated for a peaceful resolution via negotiation and dialogue. China is worried about potential negative effects of the conflict on regional stability , as well as the increase in nationalist sentiment and extremism. China is also concerned about protecting Ukrainian rights. ethnic Russians.

A Quick Review

While China and Russia are both allies It is evident that there are tensions between these two nations. It is likely that this is because of Russia’s recent activities in Ukraine as well as other issues that China has been averse of. Both leaders are discussing ways of improving their economic cooperation. Though it’s still unclear whether the summit will be fruitful, it shows that China remains determined to build positive relationship with Russia.