How SOMOS Is Helping to Change the Conversation Around Mexican Cuisine

What exactly are SOMOS?

SOMOS is a private non-profit organisation, offers Mexicans the best soccer games. The company created the first international soccer match series, and is the one who manages it. It hosts the best international teams from around the world.

What is the use of SOMOS?

SOMOS is expected to be utilized by the business to connect Mexican citizens with opportunities within North America, and internationally. It also intends to create SOMOS an online platform that will help to promote Mexican cultural heritage in North America as well as overseas.

What is the value of SOMOS?

SOMOS’s market value has been estimated at $2.4 Billion. Hector Jose Alvarez (entrepreneur) as well as Margarita Fernandez (wife) created SOMOS in the year 2014. The goal of SOMOS was to help small-scale Mexican companies to grow. There are dispensaries across 31 cities throughout Mexico. By 2020, they will open 1,000 dispensaries across the nation. Dispensaries in total will number 10,000. SOMOS has an app available which allows users to access dispensaries on their smartphones. SOMOS is planning to expand their business to include fragrance manufacturing and landscaping. SOMOS has invested in an R&D center to create cannabis-based products.

SOMOS are able to be invested in various ways:

A) Buy stock Somos shares cost $2.40/share and is available for purchase via their website www.somosllc. Go to the website and input the price you prefer to purchase which is currently $2.40. Select”buy” and then click on the “buy” button and then input the Mexican Pesos the amount of your initial investment. Then click “confirm,” followed by “submit”. When you click “buy” then enter the amount of your investment in Mexican Pesos. Click “confirm” after which click the submit button. B) Keep the share. If you decide to hold your shares make sure you check the financials of Somos Holdings Inc.’s (SOMOS) because they may fluctuate from month to month due to the sales or other activities. It’s a wise idea to avoid investing in the stocks for more than 50% of your portfolio since profits could decrease. C) Make investments outside of Mexico: Investors looking to gain exposure to some of the most exciting companies within Latin America can find many alternatives. Grupo Financiero Banco de Mexico is an Mexican bank that directly invests in Mexican companies (GFB) can be an excellent option. Rede Real Estate S.A (RRE) is also a provider of Brazilian real property.

What are the best ways to invest into SOMOS and what’s the value of your business?

The ability of SOMOS to provide dispensaries across Mexico equipped with GrowOp licenses permit, licenses and other items is what makes it important. While the business is concentrated on the sale of dispensary permits as well as marketing and selling cannabis-related products to pharmacies in Mexico as well as other medical professionals throughout Mexico It also has intends to expand its operations to include areas such as fragrance manufacturing and landscaping. The company has also invested in an R&D center to create cannabis-based products.

What are the ways SOMOS investment benefits you?

Investing in SOMOS can provide a number of benefits, including:-Increasing liquidity and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.-Providing access to new and innovative technology that can help you make better investments.-Creating an increased sense of security for your assets thanks to the blockchain technology used in SOMOS.

What are the benefits of SOMOS?

SOMOS ownership has many advantages.


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