“Exploring the Impact of Edtech on Student Performance”

FETC which was held at New Orleans – discussed many options with the aim of getting back from the effects of the epidemic and encouraging equality between parents and students. They also offered digital access to the internet and monitored student mental health. AVer Information Inc. USA has announced the A, which is the world’s first All-in-One Camera and AI Audio designed for use in schools. It is a multi-functional device that includes a webcam, document camera as well as a microphone to improve the learning experience.

Beanstack is an EdTech platform that helps schools in encouraging readers by making use of the concept of gamification. Recently, it has demonstrated how important it is to keep readers interested. The mobile application, which is customizable reading challenge platform , and reading challenges make it simple for teachers and librarians to motivate students to read, by recording the time, date is being read, as well as how many times they’ve read. Schools are also provided with monitors and IFPs from Beanstack. This ensures clarity in the classroom.

Teachers of Citrus County School were enthralled by the ease of use and intuitiveness that came with BenQ Board smartboards at the demonstration. BenQ offered information about their BlueCore range of laser educational projectors, as well as their InstaShow WPS wireless education presentation device (WDCE). ClassVR/Avanti’sWorld also offered detailed information on Eduverse.com. The revolutionary online platform for learning allows schools to access an uninvolved, secure “metaverse”.

The Cook Center for Human Connection is a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness about the prevention of suicide among students and to promote mental health. It stresses the crucial contribution of parents to these efforts. The Center has partnered with ParentGuidance.org in order to further its goals. The organization offers therapeutic and educational tools that can help parents become more confident and enable them to be advocates for their children’s wellbeing. The Center provides a unique approach to learning called Eduverse, a virtual platform that is interactive which allow you to learn anything at any time, and is an innovative way for individuals to study.

Lisa Wills (Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction at Ector County Independent Schools District, Odessa Texas) spoke at the FETC Virtual Conference about the importance of having human connections to allow people to thrive and provided an insight into what is required to get students involved with tutoring via virtual technology. Because of the unfinished project, Lisa Wills looked into high-impact tutoring programs and their evidence-based strategies. In a brief session she discussed ways administrators can choose the most effective program that is appropriate for their school or district.

The current position of teachers, Curriculum Specialists, Assistant Principal, Principal, as well as the Director of Literacy are directly accountable on behalf of the executive director of Curriculum and Instruction. In order to facilitate faster learning Teachers collaborate closely with FEV Tutor’s District’s Online Tutoring Program. Drone technology is currently used in schools throughout the United States by FTW Robotics. FTW Robotics uses drone technology to promote critical thinking, interest, and advanced research in sciences, engineering, and math (STEMeducation). Every day, they strive tirelessly to extend the reach of their programs to other institutions.

Learning Results

Mrs. Wills concluded by sharing her insights on human connections and the benefits of tutoring via virtual technology. Ms. Wills presented evidence-based methods to create high-impact tutoring programs as well as how district and school administrators can choose the most effective solution. Given the effect of the epidemic on the student’s learning Her thought-provoking talk encouraged us to be innovative when it comes to addressing learning possibilities.