The rise of right-wing populism in Brazil

The time is now to cast your ballot for the presidential runoff election just around the corner. This election pits an incumbent promising to defend the conservative Christian values against a former president who has promised to bring our country to a prosperous future. It’s essential to ensure that every eligible voter votes for the right candidate, because there are many things at stake. It is essential to know the exact location of your polling station and also have an ID to prove this. The option to vote absentee is to vote if you are unable in getting to the polling place on election day. It is possible to request an absentee ballot regardless of who the outcome of your vote is.

1. What conservative Christian ideals is the incumbent promising to defend?

On the news about Brazil elections in the Bolsonaro-Lula fight, the incumbent has been vowing to safeguard his conservative Christian principles. He is committed to protecting traditional family units, opposing abortion, and is a proponent of the teaching of religion in schools, among others. These values are important for many Brazilian people as well, and Bolsonaro hopes that his dedication to them will help him win the presidential election.

2. What are the previous presidents making a promise to bring the country back to?

Luiz Ignaco Lula da Silva was the Brazilian president who has promised to restore prosperity and development. Lula is campaigning in the name of social justice and economic opportunity, and has been gaining points in the polls during recent months. However, his principal opponent, Jair Bolsonaro, is becoming more popular, and the race is expected to be extremely close. Bolsonaro is a populist right-winger who is campaigning with a focus on law and order. He is gaining the support of people who are fed up with Brazil’s problems of the moment. The election is expected to be very close, but it’s not clear which candidate will prevail as of now.

3. Why is Lula being the most anticipated participant in the final?

Lula is the former President of Brazil and the favorite to win this Sunday’s election. The candidate of the right Jair Bolsonaro is facing him. He’s been leading polls for the past few weeks. Lula is widely considered to be the favorite since he enjoys the support from the Brazilian population and is the most experienced candidate. The work he has done to enhance the economy as well as lift thousands of people out of poverty made him a two-time president. Bolsonaro however, on the other on the other hand, is a far-right politician who is called racist, homophobic, and sexist. His divisive rhetoric has divided his fellow Brazilian people and he has been accused of inciting violence.

Quick Summary

Bolsonaro and Lula both have their own visions of Brazil’s future. Bolsonaro is the president of the far right who vows to defend traditional Christian values. On the other hand, Lula is the leftist former president who promises to restore Brazil on a path that is one of growth and social justice. This election will decide if Brazil remains on the same course of far-right politics or is reverted to a leftist administration.