Why Lillard and Simons were chosen for starting roles

Fans of the Blazers can look forward to the continuation of The Simons in Bond Scenes!

The most recent WME update states that the producers are in search of talented actors for the role of Bond character in future movies. If you’re interested in joining the cast then please contact casting@wme.com!

The Simons have returned to Blazers TV screens.

The Simons will be appearing in numerous Bond scenes in the coming months. The Simons will be watching them on “The World is Yours”, “nuclear blackmail,” as well as “Diamonds Are Forever.” Be sure to check back for the latest news! Fans can anticipate future episodes featuring The Simons as they continue to air new episodes. here at BlazersTV are excited to have The Simons back on our screens! We can’t wait to see what the Simons will do next.

Are the Simons going to return to Portland.

According to some of the fans, there are reports that Simons may be coming back to Portland. The cast of “The West Wing” are set to appear in a show based around Portland in the show’s upcoming fourth season. The episode will air in September. It will highlight the return of CeCe as well as Zach Drake. While it’s not clear whether or not they’ll make an appearance in each episode, it’s likely they’ll appear at the very least.

Who will be the new Blazer TV stars?

The Blazer TV’s new cast members will be beautiful, bold women who defy the norms. They will film scenes in Vancouver with their character. These scenes will allegedly feature certain nude or even partial nakedness. Although no official release date was announced but it’s possible to think that it will happen sooner than expected as the filming is in progress.


The Simons are returning to Blazers TV screens . Fans can look forward to more The Simons in future episodes. It is not yet clear who is the Blazer TV’s star will be, but we will soon learn!