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A perfect place to escape the heat and to prepare for chaos during the holidays is Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa. It is the Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa is a hidden treasure within Lake Arrowhead, California, amid the stunning natural backdrops. The hotel is located at a height of in ft. above the mountains on Lake Arrowhead. It is a great place for families wanting to spend a peaceful holiday or weekend vacation.

We were welcomed by friendly staff at the airport and were got our rooms quickly. The rooms were cozy and warm with a mountain ambiance. The balcony in my room was a view of the Jacuzzi and the heated pool, offering a stunning views of Lake Arrowhead. The views from the lakes, mountains, mountain ranges and trees were spectacular everywhere you turned. Once we were settled in our room, we explored the hotel grounds. The hotel has a contemporary style with the crackling flame of the massive brick fireplace and big leather sofas to the lighting fixtures that look like beautiful art glass.

We made the decision to take an exploration of the resort once we’d removed our bags from the car and checked in to our rooms. After a short walk along an area, we found ourselves in the woods near the lake. Then we returned to our room after exploring the region and set out for dinner. We made reservations at Bin Restaurant & Bar, situated within the resort. Great food and drink such as freshly baked bread and crisp chicken appetizers as well as perfectly done steak with delicious reduction sauce were all part of the overall experience. Live music added to the ambience of the evening.

Our next day we were able to go on an outing on Lake Arrowhead and learn some about its past. It was a great experience to experience the beauty of Lake Arrowhead which is a private, man-made lake. Only people who have memberships at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa and private clubs can take advantage of the boats. Only people who have purchased tickets to tickets to the Arrowhead Queen Tour Boat are allowed to use this boat. It was amazing to soak admiring the gorgeous scenery enjoying the boat ride.

The resort is beautiful with a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. After our boat ride, we decided to visit the shops at the Lake Arrowhead Village and have dinner. Each and every place you go offers a photo opportunity. If you want to be surrounded by natural surroundings, backgrounds like Lake Arrowhead and mountains are essential. It was also a great place to shop and took a wonderful dinner at Jetter’s on the water to watch the sunset, and end the night. The final day of our trip saw us travel to SkyPark Santa’s Village. There’s so much to see and do.

There are many activities available for everyone, including zip-lining along with rock climbing, zip-lining and skating. It is possible that Santa will be kind enough to allow you to photograph him and hand all the gifts you’ve requested this Christmas. When we returned to the hotel We wanted to finish our mini vacation at the spa. It is a must. Spa of the Pines offers wonderful massages. It is then a time to relax in the tranquility of their rooms.

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I highly recommend visiting this place, particularly if you love nature and would like to unwind. The view to Lake Arrowhead and the mountains are worth a visit.