The latest from Athleta and Alicia Keys to help you find your zen

There are always new great new products coming out every week, and we’re here to inform you about the most popular of them. So that you can enjoy them during your coffee in the morning, or take a break at your job, we’ll create some of the most popular brand new items that have been released over the last seven days.

We’re excited to introduce our top new products from Marie Kondo – perfect for giving away (or to keep to yourself)! Shop our favorite items here, but act fast since they’re likely to go on sale quickly. Athleta’s new collaboration together with Alicia Keys features a variety of mixed-and-matched styles, that are perfect for warm-ups and post-show winds-downs. They are perfect to use for bootcamps or watching with your favorite Netflix program.

Jenni Kayne has teamed up with Hatch to develop a kit for the parents of the future, which features luxurious items that the expecting parents are bound to enjoy. You can get the new Kit of care in sizes from that range from XXS through XL for $18.

The birthday gift box also comprises: a Hatch Cotton Gauze Robe and Nightgown in mushrooms as well as A Hatch Organic Bamboo Brief with mushroom in it (exclusively included in the set), Jenni Kayne socks made from %-cashmere, Oak Essentials Balancing spray that helps revive the skin and The Hatch Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm. The lanolin-free formula assists in speedy healing for the skin. Cassette Cadence The Gradients Capsules Store your creams and pills inside sealed containers. This is ideal for people who frequently travel or just want to keep the area neat.

Cadence will assist to organize your trip to help you get organized for the season of giving. The Gradient is a set of nine capsules which combine bestselling and new colorways, created by Cadence. Ruggable has teamed up with fashion and style icon Iris Apfel to create a collection of machine-washable and stain-resistant carpets that showcase her distinct aesthetic.

Modern design is the prevailing theme. designs that take inspiration from bohemian and antique patterns. There are a variety of options such as outdoor rugs or mats for your door with animal, graphic and floral motifs. Glossier You and Orange Blossom Neroli Candles With energizing scents to help you through dreary winter days Candles can be a great idea. Today, Glossier is launching two new candles. The candle that is the first to be launched is inspired by the popular fragrance Glossier You. The candle can be used for self-care after a long week. Notes of ambrox, pink pepper, and iris can be located.


Cadence and Ruggable are two businesses that want to aid you with organizing as well as style when traveling just right before the holiday season. The Gradient is a line of nine capsules from Cadence which blends popular colours with fresh ones. Ruggable as well as style-inspiration Iris Apfel have collaborated to create a collection of stain-resistant, machine-washable rugs that reflect Apfel’s distinctive design style.