The emotional toll of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The ticking of the clock is a cancer bomb.

The cancer, as with other serious diseases can be caused by an abnormal division of cells. It can occur in any body part and is usually seen in the skin and bones. Cancer can spread to other parts of the body at times.

What causes cancer?

The skin and bones of a person has abnormal division of cells, which could lead to cancer. The sun’s exposure, smoking and many other things can lead to division.

What is the best way to stop cancer?

There are a myriad of ways you can try to do to help prevent cancer.

-Avoid sun exposure

Be sure to consume healthy diet

Do enough exercises

Tobacco smoke should be avoided

Cancer is a major killer.

The elderly are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. People who have received a diagnosis of cancer could be afflicted by a number of signs. The most common symptoms of cancer are:-Gastrointestinal cancer: This is the most common type of cancer, and can cause pain in the stomach area. The symptoms can include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss.-Laryngeal cancer: The laryngeal tumor is the most serious kind of cancer which affects the voice. It can cause difficulty swallowing and speaking. Modifications in breast shape and size could be a sign. Cancers of the breast in early stages (that aren’t dangerous yet) may also create a bump on the chest.

The cancer epidemic is very serious.

A serious illness that could be fatal is cancer. Cancer is caused through the growth of abnormal cells in the body. These abnormal cells may develop from the original cells within the body, or they could be born out of cancer that has developed in your brain or different parts of your body. Every type of cancer comes with specific symptoms and treatment.

Can you avoid cancer?

Causes of cancer are based on what causes the disease. It could be, for instance, that surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or virus caused the disease. Certain kinds of cancers are more frequent over others. Some people may not have symptoms until the tumorous cells start to develop in the body.

What can be done to prevent cancer

There are several ways to prevent cancer – some people just need to use caution when engaging in risky activities like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol Some take steps in order to minimize their exposure toxic chemicals and radiation while others depend on regular screenings for Ovarian and breast cancers (check with your health care physician for more details).


Cancer is a serious disease which is fast-killing for people. Though there are several methods to avoid cancer, it’s important that you follow all the steps to protect yourself. Protect your family members from the deadly disease by understanding its causes as well as learning about ways to treat it.