The best way to start your week off right according to your horoscope

It is suggested to refrain from shopping or making any the decision later than p.m. Chicago time. The moon is expected to have moved from Cancer to Leo. Aries (March to April): Today you’ll be focused on home and family. You might find yourself having a difficult time with someone or be aggressive. If you can join the forces of a your close companion, you will accomplish a lot. Taurus (April-May) It is very productive. Be careful not to waste your time with petty quarrels over religious, political or issues of race. Don’t allow rivals to disrupt your work flow.

It’s a productive day for people who work in hospitality, entertainment or arts. If you’re also involved coaching children or are involved in sports of any kind it is likely that you’ll get a lot done. Avoid arguments over money and possessions. It is a time of conflict between June and July. Today’s Moon is in your Sign. There are some planets that challenge it. If you’re annoyed with anger, frustration or rage, it might cause you to get distracted. You can get engaged in a power battle with your partner or a friend. It’s not the best decision to make. Instead, concentrate upon your goals and dreams.

Your energizing energy this week can assist you in making big progress with home improvement. Leo take advantage of your ability of persuasiveness to get people close to you in support of your goals regardless of whether you are seeking backing for your latest project or selling your latest product. Be sure to never let anyone deter your efforts; Virgo has the qualities for financial negotiation success. Your money-making skills are sharp, so listen to your gut and follow what you wish for.

Libra You have plenty of strength Today, you’re a powerful Libra. The sun, Mercury and Venus are all in your sign and you are also receiving more energy from the hot Mars. That makes you incredibly powerful! Do not get involved in small arguments with parents or your bosses. Continue to work! Scorpions, you’re likely to be involved in arguments with children, your family members or even your neighbors today. Be careful not to get into heated arguments and be focused on what it is that matter to you. You’ve got the internal strength and confidence to succeed, so trust your instincts and stick to the plan.

This is an effective opportunity to exercise leadership in a setting with a crowd. People will listen to you and are more likely to follow your instructions. However, financial controversies or disagreements over shared responsibility might keep you from your goal. Do not pay attention to these issues. Do what’s effective. Your image is great to the bosses, parents VIPs, as well as police officers. Your approach to any job with confidence, authority, and peace of mind. People will respect them because they appreciate this. Do not let your personal differences stop being able to achieve what you desire.

Aquarius (Jan.-Feb.): This sign is energetic and will travel, uncover innovative ideas, and communicate with those from other countries. In other words, you’re prepared to reach out to find out what you have to know in order to achieve what you desire. Avoid getting distracted by minor work disputes or issues about you or your pet’s health. Pisces (Feb.-March) This is the time of year to take advantage of this time to settle inheritance disputes, to apply for a loan or mortgage as well as to have control.


It is clear that it can be very influential to initiate in group settings. One must be cognizant of possible distractions. You must pursue what you want to do and not get involved in conflicts with people.