The Winners of Life Framer’s World Traveler Photography Awards

These images tell a tale and make for the most memorable travel photographs. The images they show can inspire and inspire. The most breathtaking landscapes in the world can be seen here. These photographs also reveal the history behind these stunning landscapes. Here are 15 examples of the Life Framer World Traveler Photography Awards winners.

Yasmin Mund

Yasmin Mund is an winner of awards as an Australian photographer. She is inspired every day by everyday beauty and her pictures are available for commission or private. In order to bring out the beauty of her subjects, she makes use of the compositional principles of colour, line and contrast. Her artwork has been displayed and sold around the world.

Yasmin employs strong color and geometrical use throughout her work. Sometimes, she works using stark geometric symmetry. She studied visual communication , and graduated with honors.


The Life Framer’s World Traveler Photography awards celebrate photographs of travel that are the best. The competition recognizes the work of many photographers across all over the world. The selections come from a variety of subject matter, from abstracts of Scotland’s Hebrides as well as personal portraits of different cultures.

All levels of photographers are accepted to enter the competition. There are categories for professional and amateur photographers. Winners receive cash prizes and travel exhibits. Life Framer competitions are $20 for each entry, and they are judged only by industry professionals and icons. The applicants can submit up to ten photographs. Life Framer provides detailed feedback with each submission.