Show Your Pride: 10 Unique Travel Gifts From Queer-Owned Businesses

Travel is a great opportunity to explore all over the world. Businesses owned by Queer people offer great travel gift ideas to make your travel more memorable, whether you’re spending a week in Paris or a holiday to Hawaii.


When you’re shopping for a loved one or loved one in your family who likes to travel, consider products of LGBTQ-owned businesses. Giving gifts to these independent organizations is like investing in the bright future.

One of the most popular queer-owned brands includes Kiss My Face. Its products can be purchased in the grocery store across the United States. The company was founded on a farm in the Hudson River Valley 40 years ago, they’ve expanded the range of products to include body cream as well as toothpaste and sunscreen. Additionally, they’ve added an assortment of fun, including cute pronoun buttons.


While you’re shopping for gifts when you shop for gifts, it’s possible to give to LGBTQ-owned businesses. They can make a significant difference financially and socially. These organizations are an ideal opportunity to show support to the LGBTQ group and increase their voice.

There are many queer-owned businesses online, as well as locally. There are a lot of small and large companies. There’s a wide selection available to you whether you’re looking for a new pair of tees for work or an original piece of jewellery.

ForThem an owned by queer people and non-binary business with the goal to create an intentional community for wellness is ForThem. Their products are designed with an effortless feel as well as a range of colors. Part of the proceeds will go to help organizations that work to end discrimination towards members of the LGBTQ community.

Citizen Ruth

The queer-owned business are an excellent option for gifts ideas. They are mostly small, local businesses, however some are online. This is an excellent option to assist people in the LGBTQ group.

Our list of first choices includes an online bookstore selling books available in Black, PoC and Queer formats. Loyalty Books has two books bundles that have been hand-picked and made available by their knowledgeable staff. When you purchase a bundle, you’ll get a selection of titles at an affordable price, compared to buying every book separately.

Our second pick is a queer and nonbinary entrepreneurs. ForThem is developing a network for intentional health and wellness. Their most popular product is the binder. There is the various sizes and colors.

Diaspora Co.

If you’re interested in cooking and food, then chances are you’ve heard of Diaspora Co. This Oakland-based business is a manufacturer of single-origin spices. They offer a range of quality spices, as well as unique methods for direct trade. They partner with smallholder farmers from India as well as Sri Lanka, to provide an environmentally sustainable, high-quality agricultural product.

It’s goal is to spread the trade in commodities and spices through offering farmers up to six times the amount they typically receive in exchange for the same crop. Also, they get brand new equipment and tools that will ensure their success in the field.

Ghost Democracy’s

If you’re looking for the most beautiful new most trusted companion on the road during the holiday season, be sure to take a look at Ghost Democracy’s award winning skin care range. With a price range that will keep your cash flow well-maintained, you’ll glad that you have. They have a wide range of choices, both premium as well as lower-end. They’re also surprisingly affordable. To be clear, I’m one of the participants. So while I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out each product individually however, I’ve been able to try a handful and can attest that the quality of their products are excellent.

The Umbrella

Gifts from LGBTQ-owned businesses is not only a great way to celebrate Pride Month, but it also helps support local communities. These businesses are typically small and manufacture their merchandise from scratch. That means the money you spend is returned to the person who designed their products. These businesses should be supported all year, not just Pride.

Businesses owned by Queer people like A Tribe Called Queer, HOI and Irreverent Bookworm are able to provide gift ideas to fit any budget. They carry T-shirts, books, and jewelry. However, they are also dedicated to supporting Black, PoC, and queer voices. HOI as an example works with over 100 artists to design distinctive merchandise.

Queer Candle Co.

Big Gay Candle Company was established by Kinsey Makunik Waukee Makunik, Waukee Michael McLaughlin, Johnston. The company is a queer-friendly business that is making waves in Iowa. It’s a company that promotes equality and freedom for LGBTQ+ people to express their sexuality. You can find soy candles and eco-friendly candles in addition to a large selection of fresh scents.

They burn cleanly and contain non-toxic chemical. Candles hand-poured into 8-ounce jars. The candles are constructed using ingredients that have been not tested on animals. The products are free of color and have the cotton wick.