What your horoscope says about your financial future this week

Moon Alert: Shopping and other important decisions are not restricted after 1:00 p.m. Chicago Time. Moon is located in Aquarius. Aries (March through April ) Aries (March – April): It’s the perfect day to go together and have a good time! Have fun with your friends! It is also a pleasure working with groups and clubs. The company of a friend or partner may help you establish your future goals. While you’re at it, you’re blessed! Taurus (April-May) Taurus (April-May): Your favorable impression is evident since your moon’s position is very high in your chart. People notice you now.

You are fortunate to are aware of the personal details regarding your personal life. Evidently, today is the perfect day to travel and expand your horizons. However, if unable to travel, then do something different to stimulate your own creativity. The excitement level is increased, and love is positive! Cancer, June through July Your home and family could be benefited by the wealth of another person. The inheritance you receive could be a gift or assistance from another person or money back from the government.

It’s a great day to discuss matters pertaining to publishing, finance and the media or higher education. Your ability to communicate effectively and make persuasive arguments will be very strong. So use this time for advancing your objectives.

If you want to ask for an increment by drawing on the wealth of another person. Libra (Sept. through Oct. The social butterfly of the zodiac, and today is the perfect day to have a social gathering! The sign you are in is home to Venus as well as the Sun. Meanwhile, fortunate Jupiter is also in the image, which indicates that romance, parties, flirts entertainment, sports and diverting activities are likely to appeal. Scorpio (Oct. through Nov. Enjoy being at home and entertaining today. It is possible that you will be happier having a quiet time. A time-off to foster good behaviour.

Because people are open-minded, more open and friendly, today is the perfect day to brainstorm and collaboration. Engaging with your buddies and taking part in social or other group activities will bring you a wonderful day. (A friend could become a lover.

In terms of financial concerns or the chance to increase your income, especially through real estate transactions Today is an excellent day! There is a slight advantage due to the fact that the moon is in your signs. Also, it is dancing with the fair Venus and Jupiter. That means that it’s a great time to socialize, meet and chat with people with different cultural backgrounds.


In the end, it’s an excellent day to get active and interact with others. People are open and receptive, so it’s the perfect time to share ideas or to join clubs and associations. Even if you’re not and looking for love, you may discover love in an unexpected place! Take advantage of your time and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.