Schalke fires coach Kramer after run of heavy defeats: a club in crisis?

Schalke is currently in 17th place in the 18-team league. The team is struggling to hold onto their position in the top league. The team has only won one league game this season. The only victory they have had was against Bochum that are currently last place. Even though Schalke’s campaign has been somewhat bleak but they’re still trying to keep their place in the top league. They will hopefully be able change the course in the second half.

1. Which was Schalke’s greatest challenge this year?

The biggest challenge for Schalke this season is their series of crushing defeats. They’ve been placed caught in a very difficult situation and have not been able to come back. Even though Coach Kramer was put under a lot of pressure to rectify the issue, the team is still trying to get moving. His firing was the result.

2. How has the team been successful in turning the tide?

The team’s ability to recover from defeats was evident when Schalke was fired Kramer who was their coach. It’s a major turn in the course of events, which demonstrates that the team’s ability and resilience to conquer the challenges. It will be fascinating observe how they perform with their coach.

A Quick Summary

It is clear that Schalke’s demotion of Frank Kramer was due to the recent series of losses. The club was not pleased with the direction Kramer was taking and decided to change his direction. The team will determine the person who will replace them and see if they will be able to transform the team.