Ranking the Mike Myers Comedies: From ‘Austin Powers’ to ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’

Mike Myers’ bizarre, and sometimes absurdist, creations are the reason he’s so famous. Whatever it’s Danish sexual addicts, Canadian local-news reporters, or Peter Sellers in The Party, Myers is always pushing himself to see if he can test his comedy appeal.

Although his filmography may not be extensive however, there are several important films that he’s made. The following are the most memorable and best movies.

1. Wayne’s World 2

Mike Myers is a creator of memorable characters from pop-culture. His ability to disappear into a fake accent or wild costume is often at the heart of his comedy However, He also has a talent to make his characters appear as real.

The comic is loved by fans throughout the world. He is able to bring a sense of humor to the broad-minded jokes about drinking someone else’s sh*t, as well as come up with characters that address deeply personal issues.

Myers’ best films have revolved around characters that are outrageous in their appearance however emotionally grounded through a necessity to blend in. This is what made Myers’ early SNL characters so successful.

2. The Love Guru

When Mike Myers was developing The Love Guru and The Love Guru the role of Guru Pitka as a way to be a part of Wayne Campbell and Shrek in the top echelon of unforgettable characters. In fact, the film’s marketing touted it as “Austin Powers summarized.”

It’s hard to say if Myers wanted The Love Guru to be a comedy or a dramatic drama as, as with all his movies the film is somewhere the middle. It’s a mediocre, immature, and crass film that is humorous only on two times.

Myers’s attempts to mock self-help and religion is futile. It’s not as fun as it appears, and features a slapstick take on elephant poo and ice hockey. The movie is full of silly jokes.

3. Austin Powers: International Spy Striller

Myers is a comedian with distinctive ways of creating characters that are completely different from one another. His unique ability to create characters who are totally different from other comedians makes Myers distinct from the others and also makes his characters stand out.

Mike Myers enjoys taking pop-culture reference points and turning them into personalities with lots of personality. This is done through an elaborate play on words and his love of humor which is a mix of obvious and corny gags.

His most memorable films are often parodies of 1960s spy and melodramas. But he also is adept at making even the most displeasing of characters to be likable.

Austin Powers: International Spy Thriller features Myers as a charming, jive-talking girl-loving spy agent who awakes 1997 in order to be able to adapt to the world of the future. He seeks out the assistance of his gorgeous new friend (Elizabeth Hurley) in order to take on his previous foe, Dr. Evil, in the process.

4. Big Bang Theory

Mike Myers is a comedy veteran and one of the most famous Saturday Night Live stars. Even though his movieography might not be as comprehensive than Jack Black and Will Ferrell’s But Myers has a remarkable way of making people laugh , and for creating memorable people.

Myers is a funny comedian. Whether playing one of the psychotic villains or even a talented kid with plenty of “drawerings,” Myers delivers several memorable roles.

His most well-known performance However, it came from an unpopular film that didn’t receive as much attention or appreciation as it should have. Although it was influenced to some extent by New Age spirituality, Myers’ portrayal of Guru Pitka in The Love Guru was so flawed that many Hindu leadership members demanded a ban.

5. Pat Arnold

Mike Myers isn’t afraid to express himself in a way that is just one of many reasons why he’s so popular with fans. He is an icon for being willing to reveal his vulnerability, regardless of whether it is in his comic impressions or physical comedy.

While Myers is most well-known as a physical comedian, he also has a knack for playing strange characters that are hilarious and unforgettable. These are his five famous character designs that are certain to leave people laughing each time they are around them.

His first big dramatic performance was in the role of co-creator of a renowned New York City disco club in 1998’s 54. His performance, that included a brutal drunk/high scene where Rubell tried to coerce Breckin Meyer’s Greg into sexual encounters, was a standout in an otherwise underwhelming movie.