How The North Is Campaigning For Tinubu – A Photo Essay

Its Tinubu Tape Campaign.

Tinubu Tape Campaign in North Korea is a campaign to promote social change through audio tapes. The campaign started in 2009 and continues to be in the process of being implemented. It has also been made an occasion for individuals to express themselves free of charge, which can lead to a more open conversations between government officials and society.

How can you participate in the Tinubu Tape Campaign.

There are some things that are necessary to do if you wish to be a part of the Tinubu Tape Campaign. First, you need to learn about it. Then, read our guide to help you start. The second step is to join the cause! The second step is when it becomes tricky: once you’ve joined, it can be hard to quit. To learn more about how to join, discover our guides useful.

How to join to Tinubu Tape Campaign

If you’ve decided to join the campaign, there are a few methods to participate. Make posters or flyers available in the area you live in. You can also spread the word via Social media (via Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms) or create articles or blog posts. If you are able to spare some time and would prefer to be a volunteer, this could include carrying posters around town or conducting a canvassing.

You can take part in Tinubu Tape Campaign? Tinubu Tape Campaign

If you are looking to get involved in order to make a positive difference and get more involved, you have three options for contact: Email us (we are very grateful to all of our participants!) ) and writing one of our pieces() or getting involved with one of our Standing committees!

Here are some guidelines to participate to this year’s Tinubu Tape Campaign.

In the beginning of your Tinubu Tape Campaign, it’s important to prepare to handle the reaction of media. Make sure you have a concise and clear message that you can share on social media and with your acquaintances. Make sure you only share what you need.

Be patient

Do not get caught up in the process of creating the tape-based campaigns, or trying to create the most of the smallest of things. It is best to allow the Tinubu Tape Initiative to simmer for a few minutes and then raise the level of public awareness at a steady pace as.

Get yourself organized

You’ll want to take your next step with confidence and stay clear of unexpected surprises. You won’t need to make poor decisions, or trigger conflict.

Take care of what you say

Take care when speaking about The Tinubu Tape Campaign in public Be aware that any conversation could negatively affect our cause! Do not say anything which could cause conflict between our authorities and us. Be truthful!


The North Korean Tinubu Tape Campaign promotes a more open, free society. Participation is encouraged and the potential is for significant impact if everyone succeeds in achieving their goals. Participation in the campaign is encouraged. Be prepared for responses from media outlets, take your time and be organized. Be aware that patience is your best asset in this particular situation.