Our favourite acts from America’s Got Talent so far

America’s Got Talent: Results

The reaction of the audience to America’s Got Talent was generally positive. It was loved by most viewers, who found that the diverse talent selection to be interesting and enjoyable. Based on preliminary results of America’s Got Talent the average rating for the season was 2.9 stars out of five. This number is up from 2.4 five stars in Season 1 and reveals how popular the show been since it’s debut. Contestants enjoyed a high level of popularity, with viewers rating them very highly throughout the audition process. This was evident in America’s Got Talent’s overwhelming favorable reaction. A majority of viewers (64%) were extremely pleased with America’s Got Talent, with only 35% of them feeling less than satisfied. However, the reactions from the judges were generally positive and praised the performances that both contestants. They praised the contestants for their skills, determination of their performances, commitment and devotion to their profession. Some even went so far as to say that America’s Got Talent had “outdone itself” in terms of talent competition.Subsection 2.2 The Judges’ Reaction to America’s Got Talent.The judges of America’s Got Talent were unanimous in their scores for each performance. One judge, however, was not a fan of the contestants’ outfits or stage performance.The jury’s verdict was clear and America’s Got Talent was a huge successful show. Viewers and judges alike received overwhelming praise for the show’s American Got Talent. However, there are some areas in which need enhancement. A few viewers complained about their contestants’ inconsistencies who appeared on the show and many felt judges weren’t neutral. But these complaints do not add up to the enthusiasm for America’s Got Talent.


America’s Got Talent: Results was the biggest huge success. The audience enjoyed it. The judges were impressed with the talent and performance of the contestants. The competition has shown the judges that there’s still a lot of potential in America’s Got Talent, and this season is only going to increase in its popularity.