What to expect from the Lakers in the final two preseason games

The Lakers are expected to field the capacity of 10 players during each game. The Lakers will be playing with 10 players on the court simultaneously, which will enable players to be more at ease. They could add players from the D-League or trading players. Other minor roster adjustments will need to be done by the Lakers for the final roster. A possible change is adding members from the D-League. One option is to trade players. If all of these options fail, Laker management will have decide on their own when making the preseason’s final roster.who will start at the point guard position, and who will play shooter guard.The Lakers will start point guard Lonzo Ball and shooting guard KentaviousCaldwell-Pope their opening evening. They may have to adjust their lineup before playing the Portland Trail Blazers in the final preseason match on October 16th. How does this impact the chances of their team qualifying for playoffs?


The Lakers will need some minor roster adjustments to be the final roster for the preseason. The chances of making the playoffs will be affected due to the fact they must begin with playing two shooters and point guards. If everything goes as per plans, then the Lakers are likely to make the playoffs this season.