Myanmar government’s air attack is a senseless tragedy

We’re sad to share the news about the strike of Mi-35 helicopters on a school in a village located in Let Yet Kone. The incident occurred as twenty teachers from the village attempted to assist students in finding secure places to shelter inside classrooms that are on the flooring. The school was badly damaged by the attack when four helicopters hovering to the north opened fire using machine guns as well as other more powerful weaponry. Mar Mar, an administrator at Mar Mar’s primary school was present at the time of the incident. It is situated within the complex of which is home to the Buddhist monastery. According to her, the people who were victims of the attack weren’t just devastated, but so were the volunteers of the school.

1. How many helicopters attacked the school?

According to the news, the Myanmar government has killed and hacked over a dozen students through air. While it isn’t known what number of helicopters were involved in the attack on the school, it is that there was several. The incident occurred located in Kachin State in Myitkyina. Since the year 1961 The Kachin Independence Army has been fighting against Myanmar’s Myanmar government. A lot of civilians fled their homes since the conflict increased in recent years.

2. What kind of gun was used in the shooting range at the school?

While the Myanmar government has yet to officially confirm the incident at the school, reports suggest that over 12 children were murdered. While it’s unclear which weapon was employed to target the school, there is evidence that explosives or missiles were most likely. This tragedy highlights the necessity for a thorough investigation to determine what went wrong and the person responsible.

3. How many students were present with their instructors at the time of the incident?

It’s not clear the number of teachers and students who were at the school at the time of the incident. According to the death toll but, the school was thought to have around a dozen or so teachers as well as students. Because the Myanmar government has not issued any official statements regarding the incident, the precise amount of people killed is not known.

A Short Summary

This is a shocking incident which brings light to the ongoing conflict that is raging that continues to rage in Myanmar. Be aware that innocent civilians are getting caught in the conflict , and any child’s death can be devastating. It is crucial that we keep calling for peaceful resolutions to this conflict, and ensure to ensure that everyone respects the rights of civilians.