Italian American pride on display at the Columbus Day Parade

The th Annual Columbus Day Parade, the biggest worldwide celebration of Italian tradition and culture, was held on the Monday of Fifth Avenue in New York City. Based on the Columbus Citizen Foundation, a nonprofit group that organizes the parade every year, there were more than 100 groups participating in the parade this year, which included over marching bands, floats and hundreds of performance groups. The public was able to buy Italian flags at several locations in the streets from the beginning up to the third street. Jenna Espisito, a singer famous for her dedication to the “Great Italian American Songsbook,” rode on a parade while performing.

Parade floats were filled with musicians blasting out songs that were heard from miles away. The woman handed out Italian confectionery and flags on another float. The crowds waited in long lines for a chance to walk across the road for more than 1 minute. Chris Vaccaro was a trustee of the Italian American Baseball Foundation and joined the parade along with his wife and small youngsters. The wagon was covered with Italian flags, as well as the American flag, together with streamers that were the colors of green, red, and white. They represent the colors used by Italy’s flag.

Based on Vaccaro memories are what is the primary reason for a holiday. The sharing of stories and the taking of photos, as well as enjoying wonderful conversations with relatives and friends. It’s about celebrating the contribution and perseverance of Indigenous peoplesand remembrance of our nation’s broken pledges to them.

Italy and is the first generation American. She sat with her husband in front of a car that was decorated with the Italian flag colors on the intersection of Third Street and Fifth Avenue. This was her third year participating on the Columbus Day Parade. She told us that her father had been through many hardships to get here. It was important that people are remembered and to be celebrated.

In recent years, Columbus Day has drawn controversy from those who feel the holiday celebrates exploration that was a cause of the mistreatment by indigenous communities. State lawmakers have introduced the bill to change the official holiday of Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. Synopsis: “Indigenous People’s Day transforms Columbus Day into a celebration for colonialism and gives us an opportunity to unravel some of the historical facts.”

Vaccaro stated that it was crucial for Indigenous peoples in Americas to remember and acknowledge the struggle against injustices that are currently happening. “I consider it important to honor the opinions of all people and to recognize anyone who calls it Indigenous People’s Day. It’s important to be flexible about different opinions regardless of whether the holiday isn’t widely accepted by everyone. Prudente stated that this holiday should not have to be named “Columbus Day” but could be called “Italian-American Heritage Day” instead. Scelsa said he is of the opinion that Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day must be both celebrated with respect to separate days.


Though there has been some controversy about the holiday associated with Columbus Day, it is vital to understand the significance of this day in exploring and discovering. Changes to Indigenous People’s Day is a way to acknowledge the historical injustices against indigenous peoples as well as celebrate their contributions to society.