How to Use Your Local Purchasing Power to Color Your Dreams into Reality with NYC Black-Owned Businesses

The month of March is the best time to look at some inspirational Black entrepreneurs from and around New York City, we highlight local entrepreneurs doing amazing things , and offer their insights for other business proprietors. Khadejha (‘Dejha B’Brunner is the creator of Dejha B Coloring, an outstanding coloring book brand designed to ease anxiety as well as help individuals discover their hidden creativity. The founder of her company, Brunner said, “The long-lasting effects of COVIDpandemic as well as mental health concerns faced by members of the Black community has given me the idea to start an enterprise that will result in a transformational shift.” She is a resident of the Her home town of.

When the disease spread to The Bronx, Renee Bishop of Deity, the creative director and founder of Deity was unable to make a living as recording artist, due to each studio closing. On the advice by a close friend She turned to coloring books to calm herself and soon discovered that only a handful of coloring books with females of color, or with inspirational content. Bishop decided to make a difference and started “Color Your dreams into Reality” her first novel. Bishop also suggests researching to discover what costs are available for your business.

York is a luxury ready-to-wear womenswear brand launched in that provides “timeless garments made from European tradition and influences from urban living.” has seen great popularity in a relatively short amount of time, boasting five collections and three New York Fashion Week appearances. It was the result of the creator’s displeasure with the lack of luxury garments that fit her slim body type, which led her to develop pieces of clothing for herself. Following positive feedback from acquaintances and relatives, Deity New York was created. It’s important to remain focused on your goal and never let the opinions of others’ opinions influence you.

Marcos Martinez Martinez is the person in the direction of Men Who Brunch in Manhattan. He aids people to decide the right course of action regarding specific business issues. He is among only a handful of Black and Gay blogs that provide info on many subjects. They cover great brunch spots for the LGBTQplus community in New York City as well as internet-based shows that are worth to watch. Also, he organizes events that cater to those in the Black LGBT population. In regards to his idea, Martinez voiced that “You won’t be able to achieve anything you want in your company if you are trying to be a slave to all opinions.” Martinez’s goal is to establish a secure space and community for all curious.

Martinez advised that it was crucial to have a passion for your venture, and not be solely focused on revenue. Martinez stated that determination could be a drive to overcome difficult circumstances when it comes to entrepreneurship. Smalls was an Harlem-based author who had published 15 books at major publishers. The author later regretted by not being able release work that was beneficial to Black children and their communities. Subsequently, she chose to create her own publishing house, Literacise, LLC, that is a minority-owned, owned by women. Smalls added that her concentration primarily lies in providing children’s literature featuring engaging plots as well as visually beautiful images while working towards social advancement.

She’s a real-life embodiment in Black History and has unique perspectives on the amazing changes in the past. Her wise words of advice were to ensure that any venture fills some market demand instead of focusing on one’s own personal pride and create a unique point of difference when it comes to the product or service offering. In the spirit of his passion for motoring, Mr. Shaun Evans established Envy Wrapz in Westwood, New Jersey whose primary function is to wrap vehicles with Paint Protection Film (PPFto combat against chipping and other forms of damaged.

The moral

Nia-Amina Smalls is an ardent supporter of Black entrepreneurs and Black imagination. Literacise, LLC is her business venture. Her goal is to make children’s books visually appealing and socially relevant. In addition to her 15 published books, she provides an inspiring model of determination and determination that allows her to succeed despite difficult times.