How this latest incident increases tensions between Russia and the West

After two Russian fighter planes flew dangerously close to an aircraft that was in the UK The UK suspended military patrols above Black Sea. The Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the incident was reported on the 29th of September, and Russia has acknowledged it occurred in international airspace. Two Russian-armed SU-27 fighter aircraft “shadowed” an RAF RC-135 plane, which flew regularly over the Black Sea. Wallace informed parliament that Britain has halted all operations following the incident. Also, they expressed concerns to Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister. The total duration of the interaction that took place between Russian aircraft and the Rivet Joint was roughly 90 minutes.

A Brief Summary

The incident, which occurred on September 29, was described by Mr Wallace as an “potentially hazardous engagement” however, he said that it was not deemed as a “deliberate escalated situation”.