Woman gets probation for getting boyfriend and his twin to help her steal from her family

We’re extremely sad it is our duty to inform you that Tan Lee Hoon was convicted for seven charges of assault against her domestic assistants in the month of December 2022. When he sentenced him prior to sentencing, Tan Lee Hoon stated clearly that “all maids should treated with dignity and respect.” Tan is a an example to protect the rights and dignity that domestic employees enjoy, and of the penalties that could be suffered for failing to do so. Here are the details: Tan, her brother Jia Cheng, as well as Koo requested Koo to unlock a safe within an IKEA bag.

1. What exactly did Tan Lee Hoon do that was the cause of her conviction for seven assaults?

Tan Lee Hoon was recently sentenced to seven counts of assault. The jury also determined that she was as a participant in an attempt to steal items from her family. The scheme entailed enlisting the help of her boyfriend as well as his brother The trio then went on to break into the home of her family’s residence and steal a variety of items. Hoon had to face a myriad of charges for her involvement in the case as well as her involvement in the burglaries. Two counts each of housebreaking and two of criminal trespass together with two counts each of attempted and actual theft. Hoon was eventually sentenced to the condition of probation that included limitations on her ability to contact her boyfriend as well as his twin, as well as the obligation to make restitution to her family.

2. Tan stole her brother’s safe as well as the entire piggy bank money in the house.

Tan’s activities, as covered in the news media, involved a particularly calculated and complex plan of theft. Tan sought out the help of her boyfriend as well as his brother-in-law in order to get into her family’s residence and steal the property from the family. Before stealing the piggy bank accounts in the house, Tan first accessed her brother’s safe, which she had the combination to. Tan then went inside the safe to empty it and took out the piggy account, which was filled with cash and jewelry. They fled from the scene, carrying their stolen goods However, they were quickly arrested by the police. Tan’s actions demonstrate a clear unintentional disregard for the safety of her family, as well as the desire to make use of her brother’s trust in her.

3. What did Jia Cheng as well as Tan enlist Koo to help them do to get the safe open?

Jia Cheng and Tan enlisted Koo to assist in opening the safe so that they could get the items from Jia Cheng’s parents. Koo is an expert locksmith, and she was able to use her expertise to unlock the combination lock, which allowed the three of them access to the contents. Even though the exact way of Koo’s access is not known, her lockpicking and knowledge of the inner workings of safes are considered to have been the key. It is a sign of her expertise at this trade. In the end, her actions allowed them to gain access to the safe permitting them to execute the act of committing the crime.

4. What did the judge think regarding the manner in which maids are treated with dignity and respect in the process of determining the sentence Tan?

The judge in charge of the case against the woman who persuaded her boyfriend, along with his twins to rob her family members said she was required to treat her servants with dignity prior to giving her sentence. It is imperative to treat people with respect and respect no matter their social standing. The judge noted that this case served as a reminder to every person to show respect to the rights of others, and not take any actions that could be detrimental toward that purpose. Also, he noted that the theft from her family was a serious crime, and that she should have considered her feelings about both relatives and her maids before she took the action.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, the women’s abuse of two domestic helpers and her enlistment of her husband and twin to steal S$57,000 worth of items belonging to her own family are criminal acts that can not be accepted as acceptable. We should demand accountability from individuals to their actions, so similar acts can be avoided from happening again. The court’s decision to sentence Tiffany Tan Hwee Shuan 10 months in prison and 60 hours of community work was legal. The court also acknowledged that Tiffany Tan Hwee Shuan had showed some signs of regret.