How Amber Midthunder became a warrior

There are many reasons for admiration in “Prey”. For a particular viewer however what is the greatest thing about”Prey,” the newest “Predator”, franchise can be Naru. Amber Midthunder’s Comanche hunter as well as aspiring Comanche hunter. Traditional wisdom has women designated as caregivers responsible for domestic tasks however Naru does not fit in with that role. While she has her dog Sarii with her Naru feels more relaxed when she is tracking Sarii. The moment she does this is when she is confronted by an enormous bipedal alien species that thinks of Earth as a game to preserve and humans as the most prized possession.

She attempts to inform them that a new danger may be lurking nearby. They believe the tracks she’s found could be the remains of a bear. She decides to face the issue instead of letting it go. . . solo. A few years back, I voiced my frustration with repeated use of the white warrior women archetype in pop culture , and I was disappointed in the lack of leadership roles for women from color. “Prey” provides a powerful emotional response to Midthunder’s Naru warrior, who isn’t an enigma or a person who is destined to serve a distant purpose, but simply somebody who has a desire to protect her home and her family.

Naru can be a pro at several matters. Naru knows how to harvest and use therapeutic plants. He also is aware of how the butcher that kills her as well as the other use his equipment. None of her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) is interested in being able to assist Naru to finish her rite of passage, called Kuhtaamia that requires warriors to successfully track and confront the prey they are hunting. Therefore, she works hard as well as invents ways to improve her weapons to make up the difference of strength. She also discovers how to live life in the way she wants to.

Naru return the head of an alien in a manner of courage and prudence, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commanding officer of the specially-trained forces from “Predator”. The action proves that terrifying aliens can also be dangersome foes. It is not clear that Naru or his fellow soldier Dutch have the physical strength to defeat Predators. They can only defeat it with their intelligence. That’s why women have survived Predator encounters before, as seen in “Alien fighting. Predator,” an offshoot series where Sanaa Lathan was Sanaa’s articguide and defeated her alien combat companion.

Raga’s Isabelle may have survived the battle, but Naru’s creativity, courage and perseverance made her through. Naru did not rely on magical powers or prophecies. She earned her victory with herself.

The film “The Predator”, a film about hunting for the predator and its prehistoric origins, is a stunning work with a high degree of creativity. It all started with the decision made by director, to make the movie in both English and Comanche language, and insisting by the producers that Comanche Nation’s history be presented in the most accurate way possible It was a movie with a high level of artistic accuracy. Three actors, as well as the directors and cast members made a contribution to the accurate representation of Comanche culture.


It was her courage and determination that brought her up to where she is today. Naru did not depend on prophecies , or the supernatural to gain victory. Hard work and dedication earned her the victory.