The role of Russia and Turkey in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

It is with heartfelt sorrow to report that as of early 50 of our soldiers have died in the bloodiest fighting with Azerbaijan in the two years ago. But, we are glad to announce that Russia is able to convince the two historic adversaries to sign unabated cease-fire. This war was even more brutal than the war between the former Soviet republics in 2020 over Nagorno Karabakh, which saw over 6500 killed. As per Interfax, Nikol Pashinyan stated in his Parliamentary debate that Azerbaijaini troops destroyed about 50 percent of the locations. We send our condolences to loved ones who have been killed by these acts of murder.

1. What’s the rationale behind why Azerbaijan and Russia came to an arrangement?

It is vital to grasp what is the meaning behind recent reports coming from Armenia. For this is essential to learn about the past of the area and the tensions between these two nations. Two countries that have a long-standing history of fighting are Armenia and Azerbaijan. Both countries are situated in the Caucus and have been a location of conflict over the past several centuries. There are a variety of ethnicities in the Caucus region that include Armenians as well as Azerbaijanis, Russians and Turks. The conflict in the region between Armenia and Azerbaijan began in the early 1900s, when both were part of the Russian Empire. After The Russian Revolution of 1917, both countries declared independence.

2. Was the death toll in 2020? Nagorno Karabah conflict?

According to Armenian news there were 49 soldiers killed through Azerbaijani bombings. This is a significant number of casualties, especially in light of the fact the war between Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia in 2020 was only 44 days. The war claimed the lives of 6,000 people from both sides. A majority of these wounded included Armenian soldiers, with around 4,500 wounded. It is an incredibly devastating loss for Armenia as well, and it’s likely that the country has a difficult time recovering from this.

Quick Summary

Azerbaijan and Armenia have been fighting for a while, marking the bloodiest violence since the cease-fire of 1994. This is a major escalated conflict. The conflict is also likely to drag in other regional powers and regional powers, such as Turkey being a major supporter of Azerbaijan and Russia having a defense pact with Armenia. It was reported that the United States called for an immediate cessation of violence, and urged all parties to start discussions.