Britney Spears’ post fat-shaming another singer reflects poorly on her

Britney Spears Responds to Another Singer Upsetting Fans with a clarification.Britney Spears issued a clarification statement on Twitter after another singer upset fans with a derogatory tweet. Britney clarified, “I am sorry if someone was offended” in the clarification statement. The people who were offended weren’t by my tweet. In addition, she said she would “love for there to be peace and understanding” between both groups of fans.The new Twitter controversy started with Tyler The Creator tweeted a song called ” outbreak ” which featured lyrics that insult other singers. The artist who wrote the track, Nicki Minaj, responded to Tyler’s tweets with her own derogatory message. Britney Spears took it upon herself to show her to show her support for Minaj’s stance. She tweeted: “I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my tweet. They were not offended by my tweet. The woman also stated that she would like to promote peace and harmony between the two groups.

Britney Spears clarifies the Twitter scandal

Britney Spears clarified her Twitter account on July 25 after Demi Lovato upset fans by a derogatory Tweet. Lovato asserted that Spears used her account for “promotion” of her own image. Lovato deleted the tweet a few hours later and apologized.

Britney singer has taken to Twitter in order to clarify her position.

“I cherish my fans and I’m sorry to have come across as being unprofessional. I’m a fan of my music and I’ll keep promoting it in the same way that I always have. Britney Spears clarifies her position regarding her position on Twitter debate. Britney responded to another artist who upset fans by providing clarification. In a statement, Britney Spears explained she will stand on her earlier tweets as well as stating that she “does not support” the conduct of the artist. She also reiterated her commitment to keeping in contact with her fans.Britney Spears confronts another musician who upsets fans with a clarification.


Britney Spears responded to another singer upset fans with clarification. Britney Spears clarified her position in relation to the Twitter controversy, and said that she was not sorry about what she had said. She clarified her stance and said she was sorry to her fans. This opens the door for the future discussions about the amount of control she holds in her posts to social media.