VAST Data Wins HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award For Best HPC Solution

VAST Data’s DASE technology has been swiftly increasing market shares. Its growth rate is higher than the file-object average market over the past two years. Customers include the top names in scalable HPC as well as AI computing. Its customers include finance, life sciences, physics, and manufacturing.


VAST Data presented its Universal Storage Data platform at the Supercomputing 2022 Conference. It was also awarded the 20th HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award for the most effective HPC solution. This award went to VAST Data’s Universal Storage platform for simplifying the process of large-scale computation. It delivers industry-leading system uptime and unbeatable economics for all-flash data infrastructure. The innovative software gives businesses the ability to train and manage all information, without limitations of any kind.

VAST Data provides computing space that can be adapted for scientific research. The software it created by the Sanger Institute has enabled it to sequence 100 human genomes in a day. It is also working in conjunction with an initiative called the UK Biobank Vanguard project, with the goal of sequencing more than 50,000 human genomes collected from individuals. These technologies are a major way to make progress for large-scale projects.

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The HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards honor outstanding organizations, projects and technologies within the HPC sector. It is the only award of its kind, these awards were voted in by HPCwire readers. They’re presented during an annual HPCwire Supercomputing conference. To learn more about the winners, check out the HPCwire Awards report. Here are a handful of the features they have:

VAST Data Universal Storage platform is a new way to make life easier at scale. It is a unique enterprise platform that offers unparalleled features as well as exascale scaling. It utilizes unique compression techniques that maximize the storage capacity of your data while consuming less power. Its all-flash storage uses less parts that HDD systems, giving higher performance, more reliability as well as lower overall cost of operating.

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HPCwire is one of the most renowned publications within the HPC world. HPCwire has recently revealed its winners of The HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards are given to the most outstanding companies, products and initiatives in the HPC world. They will announce the winners during the Supercomputing Conference. Reader votes are required. VAST Data along with GENCI were winners this year. PRACE and Compute Canada are also included.

HPCwire is the best source of news and information regarding HPC. The site focuses exclusively on high-performance computing as well as the most recent innovations. The editors who have won awards for the magazine as well as their readers picks highlight the latest innovations in HPC hardware and software to support scientific research and other applications.


The HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards are a way to recognize exceptional achievement in HPC as well as AI computing. The winners are chosen from a voting pool comprised of HPCwire readers. They are acknowledged as thought leaders by HPCwire readers as thought leaders. HPC community as thought leaders. VAST Data’s Universal Storage data platform redefines the simplicity of data storage at scale, and offers all-flash infrastructure with industry-leading system uptime, unbeatable economics, as well as exascale scaling.

Management of the business has stated its goals by sponsoring a student team for the SC18 contest. The team, composed of six students from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, will represent Germany among 15 international student teams. It is sponsored by Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode, former chair of the Leibniz Supercomputing Center. Bode was also the winner of the Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the highest national award in Germany.