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Many countries have condemned the recent North Korean ballistic missile tests, but it appears that the tests haven’t brought security concerns to neighbouring states or regions. They were justified through North Korea as it responded to the threats from US military forces. KCNA is which is the North Korean state news agency, has stated that the missile tests have had no impact on civil aviation and have not caused harm to the neighbouring countries. Because there have been no reports of incidents, it appears to be true. It is possible that North Korea is simply trying to send a message to the US and the other countries it has the capability to defend its own interests.

1. Why did North Korea launch these missile test?

The North Korean missile test could have had several motives. One possibility is that the tests could be a continuation of North Korea’s previous pattern of conduct; the nation has a history of carrying the tests of missiles, and these latest tests may just be part of the pattern. Another possibility is it could be that North Korea is trying to convey a message to international community, perhaps in response to economic sanctions or other pressure. Another possibility is there is a possibility that North Korea may be testing the latest technology for missile defense and are using the tests to assess that technology. However, regardless of the motivation the reasons behind the missile testing, missile tests carried out carried out by North Korea are considered provocative events and will likely increase tensions in the region.

2. What were the responses from other nations to these tests?

The news on | News | Al JazeeraplayShow navigation menuplaysearchfacebooktwitterwhatsappfacebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram-colored-outl, 2. How have other countries reacted in response to these tests? Different countries have responded to the news following the announcement. A few countries have voiced their displeasure of the media (e.g. those in the United States), while some countries have responded positively, like China. The likelihood is that different countries’ responses can influence the way things progress in the future.

Quick Summary

North Korea’s dangerous strategy is being played. North Korea could see the US-South Korea military exercises as an opportunity to conduct testing. This could lead to the tensions to escalate and can quickly spiral way out of hand.