5 companies that are nailing last mile delivery technology

When it comes to Last Mile Delivery Technology, there are many aspects to consider. Big retailers typically enter this market via deferred or traditional last-mile delivery services in cities that have high density to get control of customer touchpoints, while also creating synergies with the same-day delivery networks.

Autonomous delivery vehicles

The delivery of next-day items is now possible thanks to self-driving delivery trucks. They are built on the cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence, and utilize GPS and real-time locations to improve routes and boost effectiveness. This advanced technology will drive the development of autonomous last mile distribution markets.

Simulations of logistics

Logistics simulations can be a wonderful tool to test the efficacy of technology for last-mile delivery. Simulations can help businesses see how various scenarios will have an impact on their company. Simulations are a great way to design and enhance your business. For example, a simulation could show how an organization could optimize the amount of trucks needed for transporting different items.


Crowdsourced deliveries are a wonderful method to accelerate last-mile delivery while making the process more convenient for you and your business. Businesses that offer this kind of service have an array of trucks, and use state-of-the-art tech and skilled drivers to deliver delivery. These services are commonly used with a variety of businesses, such as online retailers like Amazon as well as Lyft. By using crowdsourced services, businesses can place orders online and assign an independent courier agent carry out the deliveries. Once the product is picked at the specified location then the agent will begin the process of delivery.

Retail software integration

Last mile delivery software is a great way to enhance the speed and security that your product is delivered. This can reduce wear and tear on your delivery equipment and increase satisfaction of customers.

Embracing e-commerce

The global e-commerce economy has revolutionized the way we shop, and last mile delivery is not an exception. Though the transition from brick-and mortar stores to online sales is an excellent thing for retail stores However, last-mile delivery may present a problem in many of the most populous nations. As an example, the rising middle class in India which is valued at nearly $100 billion by 2020 has resulted in a major demand for last-mile delivery. Unfortunately, India’s postal delivery service has a reputation for being slow.

Personalization is crucial.

Personalization is an essential component of a good Customer Experience (CX). A customer is looking for convenience quickness, speed and a friendly interaction. If an organization fails to offer these features then it is unlikely to make it. A personal touch in delivery can provide a competitive advantage against competitors.