Why the Delhi HC decided to restrain publication of ex-Hockey India coach Marijne’s book.

On September 20 on the 20th of September, the International Cricket Council (ICC) declared that they had changed the “obstructionruling” that caused Harmanpreet Kaur’s suspension during the Women’s World T20 match against England. Following Ruchira Palliyaguruge, the umpire for the women’s World T20 game against England decided to dismiss Kaur to be “obstructing the field” when she was in the middle of wickets alongside Natalie Sciver from England, the debate erupted. Kaur was ejected as well as India was beaten by nine runs. In a statement, ICC declared that it looked into the issue and made a decision to reverse the decision.

1. Did there happen to be a specific feature that was the reason Kaur such a popular choice?

Marijne Kaur, who was a ex- Hockey India coach has been prevented from publishing a book by Delhi High Court from publishing the book. Kaur protested the release of her book, alleging it contained defamatory information regarding Kaur. Kaur made an appeal to the High Court, claiming that the book contained defamatory material regarding herself. Kaur appealed to the High Court. High Court asked for Kaur to respond and establish an appointment to consider the matter again. Kaur had previously authorized publication of the book. The sudden change in her mind was a surprise. The reasons behind her decision to change people’s opinions aren’t evident. There is no doubt that she is concerned that the publication could damage her image. In the coming days, the High Court will decide whether to release the book.

2. Did there appear to be a single rule from the bench Kaur was able to challenge

Delhi HC halts publication of Marijne’s former coach at Hockey India Marijne’s book is based upon one bench ruling that Kaur contests. On the 5th of February, 2020, the Court was able to issue an order that barred Marijne from publishing her work until the hearing next year. Kaur contests the order of the court saying that it violated her right to speak freely and caused undue difficulties.

3. Did Kaur’s challenges succeed?

Following Rani Rampal, current player as well as coach for Hockey India, challenged the content of the book by Marijne Sjoerdstric and the Delhi High Court issued an order to stop its publication. The 25th of June was the date that the book, titled ‘Behind the scenes: India’s struggle to be the top team in the world of hockey’, was scheduled to be released. The book was released on June 25. Rampal as well as others have filed civil lawsuits against the publisher, claiming that the book contained defamatory information about the trio. Rampal stated in her complaint that the book was filled with “false and harmful” of her defamatory remarks. The book has led to her being afflicted with “mental anxiety and trauma.”

4. Did Marijne claim that SAI was at fault?

Marijne was the former coach of Hockey India. She claimed she was not compensated from the Sports Authority of India for her work. The book she wrote was scheduled to be released soon however, it was halted by the Delhi High Court stopped it from publication. Marijne claimed she was not received a payment from the SAI for their work. This was in connection with her end of the month in which she had the SAI contract. Marijne used social media to voice her frustrations. She sent a letter asking for an apology to the Premier Minister.

A Short Summary

HarperCollins Publishers India Private Limited as well as Sjoerd Martijne are not allowed to publishing information about Gurjit Kaur’s medical issues in the upcoming book.