Why is it so important for us to be at the table on climate change?

Morris who was co-founder of Earth Volunteers, a youth organization advocating “climate justice”, said that the group was delighted when they revealed the COP would take place in Africa. Human Rights Watch on Sunday informed that “dozens of people” who were protesting had been detained. This is the reason why this year’s COP is held at the COP in Africa this year. The climate change issue is an issue that is global and it’s important to ensure that every country is included at the Conference of Parties. Concerned by reports that protestors were arrested, I’m in a state of anxiety. I would like to see the COP be peaceful and all voices are heard.

A Quick Summary

It is clear that COP27 was a huge failure for several reasons, particularly for the fact it was unable to result in any change that could be concretely implemented for combating climate changes. The time is better than ever before to join forces and be more assertive in our efforts to protect the planet and reduce our emissions.