What’s next for TJ Watt after his injury recovery

TJ Watt may not have been as injured as he was thought. He may be able to be back in just five weeks. Watt is expected to miss until the end of the campaign, even though it isn’t considered to be a season-ending injury. According to reports from multiple sources, Watt had surgery to heal the pec muscle injury.

TJ Watt’s pectoral injury not as serious as was

The Steelers are hopeful TJ Watt’s pectoral injuries will not be as severe as first thought as per coach Mike Tomlin. Watt is expected to miss at least six weeks, however, his injury may not be so bad as first thought, a report from Jonathan Jones in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review states.

Watt suffered injuries in the game on Sunday with the Bengals. Watt was trying to tackle Joe Burrow of the Bengals however, he was unable to complete the game. Watt left with Steelers physician James Bradley. James Bradley and went into the locker room. The player did not answer the request for an interview on Monday. In the Steelers playing in the preseason with the Bengals, Watt had a sack and his fifth career interception. The 22 1/2 sacks he recorded last season tied for the NFL record.

In just five weeks, he could be back

TJ Watt is making progress faster than expected in the recovery process from an injured pec. The Texans”Defensive Player of the Year received encouraging information from his team as well as his physician. They are hopeful that Watt will return in less than five weeks. The injury is not so severe as some people think and will heal with no surgical intervention. But, the player should be out for at least four games.

The Steelers have been waiting for different opinions in order to establish the extent of Watt’s injury and whether he is appropriate to put him on reserve for injury or not. The NFL rules permit teams to return as many as eight players off their injured reserve roster. The incident occurred in the last period of Steelers’ Week One win against the Bengals.

The player will be absent for the remainder of the season

TJ Watt’s injury to his pec has been diagnosed as tear. While the diagnosis isn’t great however, it doesn’t suggest that the season is done. The star linebacker will miss the match on Sunday, which will be against the New England Patriots.

MRI scans indicated the fact that Watt had torn his pec muscle in Sunday’s match against the New York Jets. According to the team, Watt will be out of the game for about a week because injuries to his pec. The team isn’t sure if Watt will need surgery. They are analyzing other opinions, and they may choose against surgery in the event that he is not healed. If he’s cleared undergo surgery it could be possible to be back in the line-up within 6 weeks.

He underwent surgery.

Steelers’ defensive end J.J. Watt had surgery to fix a pec tear. Watt is expected to miss around six weeks. The player will probably require rehab in the near future and is expected to return playing at some point in the near future. It’s a bad thing for Defensive Player Of The Year, Michael Johnson. But, he’s hopeful that his injury will not keep the team out for the time he initially feared.

The pec is an intricate muscle which connects the humerus with the sternum. This area can be torn with two different ways: partial or complete tear. There are many types of pec injuries. For the most part, top athletes tend to repair their pec injuries surgically. The procedure usually yields great outcomes.