Unpacking Damon Salvatore’s 10 Best Pop Culture References in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries makes many references of pop culture. This is a wonderful means of getting the show closer to its fans. This list of pop culture influences contains the Twilight series as well as Dracula.


The Vampire Diaries, a comedy with a lot of references to pop culture it’s fun. Most famous is the moment Elena and Damon come to Whitmore College in order to discover how to feed. There, Elena finds a discarded camera that she has spotted a funny line from Damon. This is the first time Damon makes a pop culture reference during The Vampire Diaries, and it’s an excellent example of his hilarious sense of humor.

The Vampire Diaries has been one of the top show that airs on The CW Network for years. It’s currently on the third season which will be renewed to air a fourth series in September 2012. It is a mixture of young adult romance drama along with horror and supernatural teens in the mix. This drama shows the benefits of duplicating genres.

Van Helsing

Damon Salvatore has some pop reference points that could be interesting to you if you’re already a huge admirer of. He entered Elena and Stefan’s bedroom during the initial season and announced “I’ll put my money into another thing!” He was able to soothe tensions with a funny joke, it did not cause any trouble for his brothers or Elena as they slept. Then, he asked for them to put down their sexy ways and were seen looking each other in the eye. The memory of Damon Salvatore.

Damon also references Count Dracula and Indian alternative medical advocate Deepak Chopra in the series. Although the show mocks popular culture, Salvatore manages to humanize vampires to make them more relatable.