The worrying trend of Fiji’s Methodists using funds to support a dictatorial style

Fijis Methodists confront a troubling increase in the number of people who misuse their money. They are purchasing items aren’t required to buy and others are spending the church’s money on things they don’t use or need. This is an problem for Fijis Methodists, as it can lead to financial issues at some point in the next few years. It’s important to be conscious of the issue and take action to prevent the situation happening. happening.Fijis Methodists are facing a alarming trend of misuse of funds.Fijis Methodists are regularly misuse of funds. In 2017, there was a alarming trend in Fijis Methodists misuse of funds. According to the most up-to-date figures from the Fijis Methodist Church’s financial records it was reported that there were instances where funds were misused in the amount of $2 million. This disturbing trend illustrates how simple it is to have Methodists lose their money.

It can happen in a number of ways:

They may misuse their funds in the form of buying unnecessary goods and services they do not need.

Are there ways to ensure that you don’t waste your money?

In most cases, misuse can be attributable to laziness, greed, or excessive spending on frivolous pursuits. But, there are various reasons that can lead to financial mismanagement:- People may fail to take the necessary actions to plan the trip prior to leaving. They may not properly monitor their money and may underestimate the amount they’ll need for every destination.

-They might borrow money without making sure that the security is in place

They might forget to pay some of their expenses and have a big amount to pay at the close.

How to avoid misusing funds

There are several things you can do to assist in preventing the misuse of your funds:

You should be more careful about your money

Make sure you keep an eye on your expenditures and pay off any outstanding debts on time. Be creative and explore new opportunities for spending funds

Avoid making hasty decisions about money

What can you do to prevent wasting money

If you’re placing your money into investments, be mindful of the risks and measures you take. In particular, you should not invest in stocks that you don’t recognize or which have an unstable value – this can be a cause of huge loss. Keep a safe place for your money – keep it in a cashier’s cabinet or in a safe bank account, or at home in the event of an emergency.

Be Safe with Your Money

Protect your assets by placing it in a secure location in a location that isn’t likely to be stolen by unauthorized individuals. For example, store your cash in a secure bitcoin vault at a bank or in a cryptocurrency wallet Do not store your money in the street or in or near an ATM machine.

Don’t leave your money unsupervised

If you’re not sure of who your money will go to following your demise or the way it’ll hold in the future, it is best not to leave it unsupervised. rather than putting all of your eggs into one basket, you should invest all of your funds separately into various accounts. You should also leave plenty of time for each to reach out for any queries concerning its condition or worth.

Do not store your money in an unsecure location

The best way to prevent your money from becoming a target for fraud by following these steps: It is essential to have written policies and rules in place to stop funds that are not authorized from being utilized. Make a note of your expenses for travel and verify that your accounts are up to date. Do not allow anyone else to take your money without your authorization. This can lead to serious legal problems later on down the line.

Keep your records in order

You should keep track of every transaction and receipt related to your travel budget. This will help you identify fraud or misuse. These records can also be entered into accounting software programs like Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks to swiftly check for any irregularities or inconsistencies.

Make sure that you don’t allow other people to take advantage of your Fonds

Never give someone access to your money for travel without first seeking permission from yourself. This can cause legal trouble in the future if anyone unauthorized uses them while on vacation.


Fijis Methodists are facing a troubling tendency to abuse of their funds. It is important to be vigilance about what you invest and never leave your money unsupervised. The prevention of misuse of your funds can be done by following proper policies and procedures. Keep the correct records and make sure there is no other person with access to your accounts. These tips will help keep you safe from financial problems.